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  1. Topic of the Day: GO AWAY FOREIGN NURSES!

    Notes from a foreign-trained nurse: 1. I believe that America is a great country. As a professional nurse who's been patiently waiting for a visa for years now, I sometimes wish though that other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc had ...
  2. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Hi to all waiting--fruity,agp_ph, leis23, jakey, neneng, bottomless appetite, topscot and the whole batch of pd 2005-2006 patient nurses!!! I also just called NVC AVR & still saying the same thing. Jigsaw, was your case completed/recently documen...
  3. My First Love Was Writing

    Looking back, I think the reason for this was that growing up in a big family, and I being the 7th, with all my other siblings older and their ages closer to each other, made me turn to express myself on paper. I thought a writer I will be in the fut...
  4. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Fruity, thanks for the quick reply! Since nothing's certain, let's just prepare everything again ( ds230s, pics, police clearances etc). We've gone this far & we shouldn't leave any lil bit of anything out to chance. On another note, I've heard ...
  5. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Dear fruity & topscot, It's been 8 wks for both of you since case completion & as per NVC, they're supposed to give us update after such time. Have you tried giving them a ring? Or e-mail? What have they got to say? We're hoping that at least...
  6. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Hi! My time to share... and hope again. PD: Dec 2005 Updated docs received by NVC: May 21, 2008 (yep, 3rd time) Case completed: May 29, 2008. So what do we all say? Best of luck to everyone!:wink2:
  7. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    yeah fruity, i'm pretty sure your case is already complete. that's the same note we got last year right? congratulations!!
  8. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Thanks mutya. Hubby's clearance (certificate) actually got no expiration date & he was in Canada in the 90's & never came back. But it was released to us with a date last year (Aug 2006)for Packet3 attachment( we requested that in May). Dunno...
  9. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Hi Monroe. Yeah looks like we're on the same plate. I have read your posts before about you following-up w/ your agency & how irritated they were. Seems funny that time but not now anymore. Same experience I get from mine. Look where we are now. ...
  10. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    I'm sorry about your Mom. Been through the same before. I was Daddy's girl & I lost him to cancer (lymphoma). Hang on, we are all here in this world (no matter what country) for a mission. Sometimes it's just too painful on the way there. Will pr...
  11. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Thanks fruity. You sound really warm & nice. You know what I'm most worried about now (because I have renewed copies of NBI already plus passport easy to photocopy) is that of my husband's police clearance from another country where he worked fo...
  12. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Oh & BTW our passports aren't even expiring til 2010 & NBI clearances good til Aug2007. Now i'm thinking that since official ds230 forms state it's expiring july 31, 2007, maybe by the time they receive my passport copy & police clearance...
  13. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    finally got thru an operator & told me the needed docs (again): copy of passports, police/NBI clearances from me & dependents, You know I repeatedly asked my agency/lawyer if only ds230 updated was all that's asked for & they said yes,And...
  14. NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Good for you leis! My updated ds230 also received July 11 but got bad news today: NVC says i got incomplete/missing docs. Whoa! Had been previously case completed oct 2006 then they asked for updated biographic forms this june & i complied immedi...
  15. Did Anyone Get Interview Done?

    Lawrence I wonder in what stage of the process you are in now. Not a few have noted your positive views and gentle advices to others. Well I wish you the best & hope everything's good with you.