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  1. sjohnson

    who used, who plans to use, and are using - suzanne's plan.

    Suzanne told me it's not what you get on the test, but that you understand the rationals why the answer was right or wrong. What week are you in the studying process? My scores where low at first too, but the more I did the questions the better my scores got. I was scoring in the 85-95% in my last couple of weeks of studying.
  2. sjohnson

    who used, who plans to use, and are using - suzanne's plan.

    I failed the first time, used Suzanne's plan the second time and passed. I would advise you to use her plan. The saunders book goes over alot of stuff that you should have already learned, it is a good review plan. I also used Kaplan, Suzanne's is against that, but kaplan questions are worded more like the NCLEX. Most of all, just trust in God.
  3. sjohnson

    Stopped at 85

    From what I understand when you get a lot of the select all that apply questions you have a good chance of passing. I'm sure you did fine.
  4. sjohnson

    Major Topics to study for the NCLEX

    I did follow her plan exactly with the exception that I also study kaplan (about 50 questions a day) for a total of aboit 150 questions a day. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed, but I did it.
  5. sjohnson

    failed using suzzanes tip.. help!

    I did Suzanne's plan and also Kaplan and I passed. When doing Suzanne's plan she states that it doesn't matter what your score is, just make sure you understand the rational why your answer was right or wrong. I also did the kaplan online test questions, because I wanted to make sure I understood how to answer the questions. I used kaplan as a way to test my understanding, because it should not matter who writes the questions if you understand how to answer them you should be able to get most of them right. Right now take a few days for you and then regroup.
  6. sjohnson

    Just failed Nclex-RN - Hints on Studying

    I failed the first time and retook it last week and passed. I followed Suzanne's plan and it worked. I would suggest you try her plan and like everyone said, I prayed alot. God answers prayer. I know what your are going through, but hang in there, God has a plan for your life and he would not have brought you this far if it was not in his will for you to become a nurse.
  7. sjohnson

    Major Topics to study for the NCLEX

    I did Suzanne's plan and also practiced Kaplan, and it worked. Suzanne's plan was excellent it allows you to go over all the informaion you learned in school along with the medication you never heard of. I studied all the meds in saunders and made sure i know lab values. When I took the test I only had 2/3 questions that I needed to know lab values and I guess I did good on meds I only had 9 med questions and 2 were related to safety. Good luck :)
  8. sjohnson

    retake-all that apply

    Just got my results, I PASSED. God is so good all the time. For anyone who is taking the test the 2nd do Suzanne's plan it works.
  9. sjohnson

    retake-all that apply

    I am trying to relax but I think I am more nervous the 2nd time around. I will know tomorrow morning at 9 am. I will let everyone know. Thanks for all the support, I need it.
  10. sjohnson

    retake-all that apply

    Thank you for yo ur words of encouragement. I always put God first and I know that I can not do anything without him.
  11. sjohnson

    retake-all that apply

    I took the nclex for the 2nd time today. I am so scared and nervous, have a headache and sick to my stomach.I got 125 questions, 4 all the apply and 2 pictures where you had to describe what the picture was and a ton of priority questions. Has anyone passed with 4 all that apply? I so affaird I may have failed a second time. First time I took the test I got 75 questions mostly meds and everyhting else.
  12. sjohnson

    i feel so bad! pls help

    I know how you feel, I also got 75 questions and failed and felt like the dumbest person alive. It took me about a week and I got back to studying. I am doing Suzanne's plan, it appears to work, there are a lot of success stories. I know it's hard but you have to jump back in here, you can do it, if you couldn't you would not have passed nursing school. Now, I realize the nclex does not define me as a person or a nurse. It just a test that we have to pass and we can do it. My prayers are with you.
  13. sjohnson

    I FAILED, once again.

    Please hang in there, you are not a looser, you're a winner. You completed the nursing program in your school, and this test does not define who you are. If you are like me, I freak out when it's time to take a test. You are in my prayers and I know you can do it.
  14. sjohnson

    Took NCLEX-RN today! Shut off at 75

    I had a ton of meds also with 2 all that apply. What's up with all these meds. I know it's stressful waiting for the results, but keep the faith.
  15. sjohnson

    Took NCLEX-RN today! Shut off at 75

    newname, did you get the results back? my understanding is that when you get a lot of choose all the apply you have a good chance of passing.
  16. sjohnson

    Results On A Saturday

    I'm so sorry,but please hang in there. I know you can do it.