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  1. Tuy Nurse

    How To Take Nclex In Saipan

    I'll be taking thje nclex in Saipan this november. I'll be staying at ocean view hotel. I'll share my experience when i returned.
  2. Tuy Nurse

    shooting two birds with one stone CG& NCLEX

    hi,just want to know what states still require cgfns?
  3. don't know where to put this question but i just want a little info. from you guys. is it possible for me to get sponsored by just having my cgfns and visa screen even without having passed the nclex yet. if so would i work as a rn or a nursing assistant until i passed my nclex exam?
  4. Tuy Nurse

    New Jersey has made changes

    this change in policy that requires ces instead of cgfns is good for newly grads especially if they haven't got a local license yet. the problem is for those who have passed the cgfns exams already, this would mean an additional expense. i think it would have been better if they would require either a ces or cgfns certificate to be fair to those who already passed the exams.
  5. saipan is not a state just a u.s. territory, endorsing a license from ca to saipan maybe easy but i'm not sure the other way around.
  6. Tuy Nurse

    Review Center For Cgfns?

    the advantage is i can already apply for visa screen even without the nclex and at the same time i can already look for employment while waiting for my elibility/authority to test.
  7. Tuy Nurse

    new board passers: HOSPITALS YOU'VE APPLIED

    there's no shortage of nurses here. look for a nurse add at manila bulletin and try to apply and you'll find out that there are over 50 applicants for a sinlge position. there are also a lot of nurses working as med reps, call center agents and transcriptionist which offer a bigger salary than what an average nurse does.
  8. i hope the oath taking will push through. I have a cousin who took the exam last june and she never saw any of the suppose leakage. she passed through her own effort and for that she should be rewarded. its just sad that there are people who destroys the image of this noble profession jsut for monetary considerations!
  9. Tuy Nurse

    Suzane Re: Vermont Board of Nursing

    Thanks for the reply Suzanne4. i understand that the different BON from different states evaluates credentials at a different rate so in essence some would give eligibility to test faster than the other right? so if this is the case let's say i apply for new mexico and new jersey and take the nclex on whoever will give me the faster eligibility to test. i don't mind the fee if i can take the nclex faster.
  10. Tuy Nurse

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    yes very possible! those who require experience are the employment agencies only. my sister has a tourist visa, a walk in applicant in CA and she is working for 6 months now!
  11. Tuy Nurse

    OB/PEDS Rotation

    pardon me as i'm new to this forum i just want to know from you guys if most obstetrics patients in the u.s. request for female nurses. i'm asking because this is common in the philippines maybe because of our culture. also as a newly grad nurse can i opt to be placed in the delivery room or the obstetrics ward?
  12. Tuy Nurse

    Suzane Re: Vermont Board of Nursing

    may i know from you guys if its advisable to apply to 2 BONs and do nclex on whoever will give you the faster eligiliblity. i don't mind spending, i just want a speedy process. thanks!!!
  13. Tuy Nurse

    where/when did you graduated?

    Hello everyone I'm new here. I graduated last March 2005 from Batangas. Are there other Batangueno nurse here?