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  1. asyana

    Best Placement Agency for U.S

    guess, im just exhausted...my nursing school was toxic and so i needed to keep up...usual sleeping hours when i was studying was 3-4 hours..consider that i was a student and at the same time, the general manager of my house...with children and a hubby to take care of...then i immediately took the local board. passed. reviewed for cgfns. passed. then reviewed for ielts. luckily fate took mercy..reviewed for nclex...pearsonvue quick results states that i passed. but no posting yet of my name in NM BON website. so im still waiting for my license number. i just hope there is no problem with my papers? or the result of my exam? but really im tired at this time. and my spirit is low. maybe i need to pause and recharge. and then do an ADPIE (assessment, diagnosis, planning,implementation and evaluation). sincerely, i do this every time i got a concern and most of the time, when my rationality is in full control, this ADPIE is sooo useful. this website provides me with lots of infos i need... coz im quite ahead of my peers. and i got no one to at least guide me. you are one of those who are helping me right now and uplifting my spirit. wait. i also took charge of all my exams. now, do i need to process my visa screen? but im still hoping someone would pm me and advise me hospitals that sponsor overseas nurses. that would boost again my hopes and provide me with some kick. im interested to work in texas. now, to every individual here who is soo giving-- thank you! may i also be useful as soon as i get out of this dash. asyana
  2. asyana

    Best Placement Agency for U.S

    Hi! I passed all--NCLEX, CGFNS and IELTS. but im getting impatient and frustrated now. coz until now i havent found an agency or a hospital in Texas who would sponsor me. Im faced with the big Q of-- what's next? asyana
  3. The toll of hurdling all the exams to be a US RN is now geting into me and it is making me a bit frustrated coz until now I havent found an employer who is willing to sponsor me. Back here in the Phils, we normally go to an agency and most of them are staffing agencies. I rather be hired direct by the hospital. Im getting so impatient and might just accept an offer in Florida should they at once hire me. The employer from Florida will be here in Manila by third week of October and if they like me, no matter how I want to live and work in Texas, Im afraid that I might grab it. But I really want to live in Texas. Somewhere in Harlingen, Pharr, Edinburg, Mcallen or Mission. Anyone here who can provide me with information about hospitals that sponsor nurses from overseas??? I already passed NCLEX, CGFNS and IELTS exams but at the moment my hopes are all damped. Maybe due to the strain of taking all the exams and yet after passing, I am faced with the uncertainties of what should I do next. I wish someone could help... before I sign up for Florida. Thank you. asyana
  4. asyana

    50k sign-on bonus

    ohmy. thanks! :stone I am really hoping to get a hospital who can sponsor me immediately. I'll do my surfing. Thanks.
  5. asyana

    50k sign-on bonus

    I am a nurse from the Phils. and I am very interested to work and live in Texas. Think, Mcallen is a nice place. Thanks for your inputs. Will try to assess and weigh my options coz until now, after passing all exams--NCLEX, CGFNS and IELTS, I still have no employer or agency to help me.
  6. asyana

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    kathy_bear, i feel you. it's okay...everybody starts from scratch. no one can brag that they already walked on red carpet after they graduated from college. surely, it is a tough, rough road ahead. but we shall breeze through. think, to become an effective nurse, we need to have the 3 important aspects in nursing---the most famous KSA. but id like to jumble and replace it with AKS! Attitude should come first, Knowledge should be second and followed by Skills. Attitude can bring us to wherever we want to thread on. Attitude brings about motivation. Attitude pushes us to acquire the right knowledge and it comes so strong when we want to learn new skills and it keeps us going especially during rough times. I am talking about having the right attitude. Now, when it comes to your resume, there is something real good in your credentials. you already passed nclex!!! and that is real great. congratulations! see, not everyone will be fortunate enough to pass it the first time. even if it's the second or the third try or fourth try, and one passes nclex--wow, thats an achievement!!! think, attitude is at great display when someone failed but tried again. others might have 5 or 10 years experience on the floor, working outside U.S. as a nurse in their homeland but their experience doesnt warrant success in nclex. now, knowledge, right knowledge, comes in. about skills, yes, I too, could fumble. but attitude keeps me strong and motivated. i know I shall learn it. there must be a way. well, this website shares a great deal of information of how we can improve our craft. members here, as i read, are most helpful. they are very supportive. hey, i need to polish my knowledge now. will take my nclex soon. a prayer from you could help me a lot. cheer up and thanks! asyana