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med surg, oncology, outpt and hospice
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brwneyegal has 11 years experience and specializes in med surg, oncology, outpt and hospice.

I am a christain wife and mother of grown twins, granmother to a terrific and adorable grandson

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  1. brwneyegal

    In Bed with Dying Patient

    That is a wonderful story. Sometimes we forget how we can m,ake an impact on peoples lives either our patients or their families. :w00t:
  2. brwneyegal

    How do you keep your nursing practice current?

    I have been a nurse for 10 1/2 years. I work in oncology, I try to keep myself updated on new and inovatine treatments and procedures in my area. Cancer is such a broad area though so I have been in GYN and now am in Breast cancer. Early on I joined the local ONS (Oncology Nursing Society) they keep us posted on new drugs and stuff. We, ONS, also have seminars to get CEUs. Fortunately for me I have worked at a medical university hospital for almost 6 years now, except for a brief stint with hospice, then I came back. The way I see it I worked hard for this licesne. I want to keep it and by keeping it I have to keep up. So that is what I try to do.
  3. brwneyegal

    I was a ______ prior to being a nurse/student nurse

    I was a stay at home mom for a while, then I was a pharmacy tech.
  4. brwneyegal

    Opinions about night shift and personal health

    I personally am a diabetic and have a hard time with that. I think because I eat at night when I am working. Then when I am off my body expects to eat late at night also. It may be in my head but I am having a hard time with that right now. Personally I love working nights, but may be looking for a day job soon to try to get my blood sugars in order. I do not know maybe I am just getting old!
  5. brwneyegal

    I feel lost

    :welcome:i agree with the other posters who said this is absolutely normal. the first year after graduating is a whirlwind of information and techniques thrown at you. try to make it through the year in the hospital . after that you can go anywhere you want to go. there is definately a place for you if you love the handicapped or maybe you just love spending time with your patient. places to spend time maybe in home health, hospice, or oncology. there are bunches of places you can go with your rn. don't throw in the towel after a few weeks. we have all been there and we feel your pain and support you.
  6. brwneyegal

    Would REALLY appreciate some advice!!!

    I think you are being way to hard on your self. The first year of nursing is always hard because you learn sooo much information and try to remember everything when out on the floor, but you feel like you know nothing. If you said you felt comfortable with everything and were the best nurse ever I would be worried. The small amount of anxiety makes you a better nurse. Because of it you will check and recheck before you do something. I have been a nurse for 11 years and sometimes I still have questions. That should never stop. If you do not know something or are not sure about something you should ask or seek information about it so you can learn it for the next patient. As far as IV skills you will get better with pratice. NG placement depends on the floor you work on some floors never see an NG others have tons of them. DO not be so hard on your self. If you are choseen to orient someone just tell them what you know and if a question comes up that you can not answer you tell them "I do not know, but I will find out.
  7. brwneyegal

    What's your sleeping schedule for working nights?

    I work baylor weekends. I work Fri, Sat, Sun nights. I usually stay awake Thursday night as long as I can and sleep in as long as I can on Friday. Then Sat go home and go sleep by 9am until 4- 4:30. Sun I try to go to 8:30 am church service then go home and sleep by 10:30. I make it to church everyonce in a while on Sunday morning. Monday depending if my husband is home or working. If he is working I ususally crash and sleep most of the day and then the night also. If he is home I just go to be early in the evening.:zzzzz
  8. brwneyegal

    Question about Effexor

    My biggest problem is my mom has just relocated to SC where I live. Originally from PA. So we have to do this here. It was a neurologist who put her on both meds for the black out migranes. Thank you all I appriciate the words of wisdom.
  9. brwneyegal

    Question about Effexor

    Hey ya'll, I was wondering have you ever seen someone suffer mood swings from effexor? Back ground, my mother suffers from blackout migraines and has been of depakote for a few years and effexor for a year. Recently after what I would call a mental break down (long story....my mom has been taking care of my grandmother for 13 years, my grandmother has not always been nice. Last year in Feb my sister had to have an emergency hysterectomy after a piece of placenta was not removed from her uterus. She started to hemorrhage, hgb was 5 when she got to the hospital. Hysterectomy saved her life. My 16 year old neice, same sister's daughter had a baby in August. Same sister suffered an anuerysm which docs said she would not live through the week with....she is doing good now ..PRAISE THE LORD!!!!.. My brother had love life problems and in drunken rages beat up and broke bunches of stuff in my mom's house. My other brother was in a wreck, all were ok but car was totaled.....) Any way after my son's wedding mom was supposed to go back home and totally broke down and told me she could not go. SO ofcourse I did not send her home we fixed it so she, and my grandmother who came with her could stay with me for a few. They are now staying with me for as long as it takes to get things straight. (The move was not good for my mom her sister, who does not care for my granmother anyway and her family have been absolutely rude and obnoxioux to my mom about the move but none plan to help my grandmother). Having said all that I would expect that mom suffer some problems trying to get back in shape but......she has mood swings like crazy. Like for instance I am not a happy happy rah rah person. If I so much as frown in front of my mother these days she starts crying and tells me she is sorry for what ever she did and .... It is driving me crazy. She says it is driving her crazy too she says she gets these weird thoughts in her head when my husband and I talk that we are talking about her and she did something wrong. I did have her make an appointment with a doc here so she can get things checked but they can not get her in until Oct 1. So I think I am going to take her to an urgent care place next week. I was wondering if maybe her depakote level was off or maybe the effexor could be causing problems. What do you think have you seen mood swings with these drugs???? Thanks for listening Becky
  10. brwneyegal

    What can i do?

    If she is enrolled in hospice what about sub q morphine. Or even a sub q pump to help elevate the pain. This should be addressed by the hospice nurses and the doctors no pt should have to suffer with pain.
  11. brwneyegal

    Who loves it??????

    I love my career!!! I would not rather be anything else than a nurse. I have been a nurse for 11 years and I love it. I do not always love my job but I do love being a nurse!!!!!:heartbeat:redpinkhe:1luvu::redbeathe
  12. brwneyegal

    My nightmarish experience

    First thing you need to do is step back and take a deep breath! Every nurse has made at least one mistake in their career. We are human, ya know? The shere fact that you feel the way you do is proof that you will be a good nurse. When you go back to work make sure as I know you will check, recheck and recheck all your meds and sites before you give meds. The residents who yelled at you were only trying to make themselfes look good. Do not let them intimadate you. Stand up for your self and move on. Next semester there will be a bunch of new residents who will not know anything about this situation. Infact I bet the ones who yelled at you do not remember. As long as the pt was ok, you are fine. Keep your chin up!!!!!!
  13. brwneyegal

    Wheres God?

    I know it seems like God is letting this test get the best of you but,...... God is not there to watch us suffer. He loves you...He sent His son to die for you..... So why have you taken the test several times and failed. Maybe you are reading to much into the questions that was always my problem and I focused on all the wrong information in the question. I have been a nurse for 11 years and I did only take the test once but it does not matter how many times you take it, just that you do and pass. You are already a nurse you passed several years of nursing school. That is a great success!!!!!!! Don't beat yourself up, act like you have amnesia about the faliures. Just take the test like it is the first time, do not stress about it. Relax the night before and STOP STUDYING!!!! Just relax. Be calm when you go in. Try not to stress during the test just answer the questions as they come do not go over and over them. Just stick with your first answer that pops in your head. You know your stuff or you would not have passed Nursing school. Do you know what they call a medical student who failed his medical boards 5 times before passing???? They call him Doctor. You have already proved you can pass, because you have not quit. We all know you can do this.....:yelclap: SO Go and pass this thing!!:icon_hug: With love and prayers for you Becky PS I weill be waiting and watching for the good news:w00t:
  14. brwneyegal

    Quit My Job

    They can not give out untrue information when called for a refrence. Only stuff like did you call out of work excessive amopunt of times, late to work excessively, gross insubordination (is that spelled right???). At least that is my understanding. Just put them on the reseme and tell the future employer you were in the process of relocating.........
  15. I work in a small hospice center on the baylor weekend shift. There are four baylor girls as we call ourselves. We need one more staff nurse to finish the shift out in ur 20 bed unit. We work as a team on our weekends. Recently there has been a fly in the ointment of our weeknds so to speak. She is an LPN who has recently shifted to nights fulltime and works weekeneds periodically. It started out with her taking days off the schedule we had scheduled ourselves for so we did not have to use PTO when taking time off (this was allowed). So we had a meeting with HR who told us we could no longer do that. Then she started talking about one or another of us saying things like I do not like this one or that one or that she is watching this one or that one to make sure we do our jobs, just silly stuff like that. Last week it all came to a head when one of the baylor CNAs told her off. I was present as was another CNA. She confronted her about her remarks and her trying to cause trouble with us. After this was over the LPN called a friend of hers who also works here and she showed up so we could "talk". We all did and thought we had hashed everything out. Infact the "meeting" ended with hugs. Monday morning I got a call from my boss, we did not mention anything to her beause we thought it was all worked out. My boss wanted to know if my CNA "attacked" the LPN. I gave her my input and told her no one was attacked. Tonight at work one of the other nurses said the LPN stated she should have called the police because of the "attack, that never happened" Why is there always someone in the bunch to mess it up and add drama no matter where you go????????
  16. brwneyegal

    What do you think about Non-White Nursing Shoes?

    I wear black danskos. Very comfortable :monkeydance: