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docpsychrn42 has 25 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Peds and Forensic/Mental Health/Correct.

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  1. I am having a lot of difficulty finding a job at 44 yrs of age. Granted I specialize in psych but most facilities that I have applied to or interviewed with are not willing to train me. They will train a new grad but not a nurse with 23 years of experience. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? I would change my career field if someone was willing to give me that chance, but they want someone already trained. I have been unemployed 3 months now and still have NO prospects for a job unless I want to drive 3.5 hours away to work deep in the city. Should I take on a travel assignment to go where the jobs are? How does travel nursing work? Can I bring my child with me?
  2. docpsychrn42

    I cry all the time.......what next??????

    What hotline are you referring to that I can call? I live in a very small town so I would have to call the next big city. I know that there is a place near me that is a clinic based on income but there is a 4 month waiting period! Let me know what hotline to call and I will do this. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.
  3. docpsychrn42

    I cry all the time.......what next??????

    Jahra and all my nursing family, Things are no better than they were I am sorry to say. I have spent countless hours on the computer, filling out applications, sending resumes and going to interviews. Because my speciality is in psych, I can't find a job in other areas. They aren't willing to train a 44 yr old! The bills are piling up, we are getting ready to lose our vehicles, the landlord is close to evicting us and I don't know what else to do. I would work anywhere right now but unemployment pays more than a minimum wage job plus gas! It saves us money for me to not drive anywhere unless I have to and that adds to the depression! I am so sick of this house I could scream. There are days like I said before that I can't even get out of bed to get dressed because there is nothing for me to do and I am not going anywhere. I have a daughter that plays softball for high school and that is the ONLY thing that I have been involved with that gets me out of the house. And then the interviews that I am able to get. I am tired. I am severely depressed and I know it. But I am hoping that it's situational only. Please keep me in your prayers because you nurses are all that I have right now. Thank you! Have a great week and weekend.
  4. :crying2:I am really embarassed to have to ask for help for my problem but I am at the end of my rope. All I could think of at midnight was other nurses that might be able to help me. Funny thing is...I am a psych nurse and can't seem to fix myself here. I recently lost my job with no reason given (I have since found out). I have spent the past month sleeping late, not eating well, staying up sometimes all night long, crying ALL the time, sending out resumes, calling hospitals etc. The bills are piling up, my husband is working as much overtime as he can, my daughter just started college (thank God for scholarships and loans!) and I have son that was diagnosed with Bipolar DO. I don't go out, I won't go in the grocery store unless it's late, I don't have any friends, no family around here and everyday it's more and more of a struggle to get up and do anything. I let the phone ring all day because I know it's the bill collectors. I worry every minute. I feel like such a failure. I have always been strong, motivated, energetic and full of life. I never left my house without my makeup on and my hair done. Lately, I do good to put on mascara. I am not on a pity pot right now I am simply at the end of my rope. I seriously don't know what to do next. I can't go get mental health treatment because I have no insurance, I can't take medication because I have no insurance, I can't find a job because I was terminated and I live in a small town where everyone knows your business. I want to move out of state to start over but can't because I have a very bright and loving daughter who just started high school and plays sports. I hardly talk to my husband. I am asleep when he leaves and awake when he goes to bed. Because I have specialized in psych for so many years, I have limited options for employment. The closest place of employment thus far is 3 hours away from my home. Do I take the job and stay in a motel and come home when I can? Who will care for my daughter and pick her up after games or even be there for her games? Who will be home when my son has a "bad" day and causes problems in the school? I need help. What do you suggest I do? I am NOT suicidal. I have children that I love very much and would never do anything to cause them to suffer. But in a way I am already doing that since I can't find a job and can't pay the bills! I am sorry this is so long but it's late and I can't sleep and thought maybe someone could help me with their wisdom. I am a nurse that has taken care of thousands of people in my 20+ years. What happens when a nurse needs someone to take care of them and they have no one?
  5. docpsychrn42

    On the Edge of Insanity

    "She just cut her neck with a broken light bulb!" said the aide. I told the nurse to call a code blue but the pager system was down. So another aide ran down the hallway yelling for help from another unit. A few aides came running over. The other patients on the ward were taken down the hallway and put into their rooms while I frantically assessed this patient as she lies almost unconscious. "Are you okay? Open your eyes!" the crash cart finally arrived and a few more people. "Thank god!". My first crisis since starting in the psych ward and it had to be an attempted suicide. Nurses were running around making calls to 911 and helping me stop the bleeding as well as trying to take vital signs. All I could keep thinking was, I have to get her stabilized and stop the bleeding. There were patients yelling or should I say wailing and sobbing and trying to see what was going on on the floor. I screamed for a #18 iv needle. I searched everywhere for a possible vein but this patient had over 300 scars from all the years of cutting. I tried to start the iv in her left ac. No good. I was sweating by now, praying the ambulance crew would show up to help me. I yelled for another #18 needle. The iv bag was primed and ready to go but I just couldn't get an iv started! I kept telling her, "stick with me m...Hang on.." After I tried one more time and couldn't find a vein the patient held her head up and in a whimper stated to me "the best vein is over here" and smiled. She smiled! She wasn't dying! She wasn't unconscious! She wasn't even dizzy. It was at this point, at this very time that I learned my greatest lesson of all. This borderline had milked this to the very end and my reacting in a pure panic just added to the drama. The cuts were superficial, only requiring a few stitches and she was back from the hospital before my shift ended. Once back on the ward security asked where I wanted her and I told them to put her in the seclusion room so we could watch her. This upset her to no end and she proceeded to run off the ward trying to pull her stitches out as she ran. Several of us ran after her and fell on top of each other when a chair was thrown in our way! That was truly comical after this eventful night! After a slight struggle, we got the patient restrained and secure as she cussed us the entire time. All I know is I didn't want to have to try and start another iv on this woman and have to call 911...Again! I worked with this patient for another 5 years and she had repeated acts of cutting, inserting and aggression. She would put pens in her arm, insert sticks into her forearm, find pieces of glass and then use them to slice her arms, face, and legs, bite herself and hurt others. But I had learned my lesson from her. I never reacted to her acts of self-harm or aggression, in the same manner, I did that first night. I truly learned the art of working with borderlines from working with her. She too learned a lesson from me after this incident. She knew that every time she harmed herself, I was not going to react quite the way she wanted me to. At least on my shift, the incidents of self-harm were decreased because I learned not to feed into them. A true lesson learned the hard way!
  6. I understand about the speaking English part, I just added that to my list of problems. They did have a policy that we were to speak only English though. We had so many doctor's that came from overseas that the Director made sure that was in the policy. He too was from overseas as well ) I will focus on what happened to me and not the little things.
  7. Nurse75, I will look into that! Thanks for the information. I was complaining constantly to the corporation about discrimination because the boss and her secretary were constantly speaking spanish in the workplace! They would do it all day with patients around etc. We asked them numerous times to stop and they continued to do it. They hated ME for it. Then the secretary was "allowed" to scream at us, demean us, tell us what to do etc and the boss did nothing about it. We complained about that over and over and nothing was done. They blamed ME for it. The list goes on and on. Ultimately, I was the one let go.....
  8. BrokenRN and Smithbc1: Thank you for such kind and compassionate responses. BrokenRN, you brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart with your words. You are right, nurses are being treated so unfairly in our fields and let me tell you....I know that I intimidated my boss because I knew so much more than her! She hated the fact that I had many more years in mental health than her and she hated the fact that everyone came to me when they had a question! I can't help that I am seasoned in my field! She just graduated and became a boss. It's not my fault she didn't know what she was doing half the time. And then to pull her personal feelings into the whole thing was very unprofessional on her part. Someone called me from my office yesterday and told me that she was crying when she told everyone that "the nurse is no longer with us". Crying! Right....for what? Because she knows that they will have to work like crazy to find someone that knows what they are doing in there? A part of me wants that job back worse than you know, but another part is telling me that I need to back away from all of this and go into something else. I am taking a break from the stress, pressure and frustration this week. I will look for another job, but I am going to give myself a week to try and heal a little bit before I tackle all this. I WILL be getting a lawyer and I will make it a little harder for them to drop this. If I only had enough room to tell you all the things I went through at that job! I am going to pray that a lawyer will help me in some way to make this all right. I need the reference for my career. I need my name cleared. It's not fair and I want it to be fair.....Thank you all again! It's great being able to vent to other nurses that know what I am going through.
  9. Purplemyst, Thank you for your suggestions and believe it or not, I have the reference of one of the upper management people at the company I was just fired from! I also have several physicians that have called and told me to list them as references. As for the job I had lined up, it's a coicidence that I had the job the day before and then after I was let go, they rescinded their offer? Sounds like a negative reference to me doesn't it?
  10. I was given a written warning for something that a bunch of us girls had done. I didn't think it was right that I be written up for something that we had already been talked to about. My HR person told me to send a rebuttal and this is what I did. When the upper management finally found time to look into it, they fired me without warning. I never did get to talk it out with anyone. I followed the proper steps for a grievance according to our policies and I was fired. That is all I can think it is. I have never been in trouble before this. I don't have any write-ups whatsoever. I feel that in retaliation, I was terminated. I have contacted an attorney but am waiting on a call back. I am serious, this is a shock to me. I was very serious about my job and my license. I would have never done something to jepordize my license.
  11. They are suppose to here too, but they have nothing. I just got my notice of a raise the day after they let me go! They had just typed it up the day before they let me go? I have nothing in my file to support any wrong doing and I was shocked! I am calling a lawyer on Monday to see if I have some rights...we are an at will State. They can fire me for anything. But I think we still have SOME rights...especially from retaliation.
  12. i lost my job this week. i put in almost 4 1/2 years and was let go in less than 15 minutes. i wasn't told why. i had another job that wanted me to interview and even had a unit that i was to manage...they called and cancelled their invitation to hire me the day after i was let go from the other place. i have never been in trouble before, don't do drugs, don't drink, hardly ever call in, haven't taken a vacation in 6 years and now this. i do know that i grieved a recent write up because i felt it wasn't accurate. so maybe that's why they let me go. i rocked the boat in my defense. what do i do now? no insurance, no income, no life. i have let my family down and myself as well. i don't know where to go from here. the work i did was all i knew. i was damn good at it and they let me go with no reason. it was so bad that my doctor's i work with were tearful and they keep calling me to ask if i am okay. people in the corporation that i use to work for, are calling me to ask if i am okay and to see if there is anything they can do? what can they do? what can anybody do at this point. i feel like a failure and can't even leave the house to do the things that need to be done around the house. i embarrassed and yet angry because no one will tell me what it was i was let go for. has anyone ever been through this type of thing and what do you do to help yourself get through it? how do you clear your name? i want to leave the state and start over somewhere but financially can't. i would appreciate any words of wisdom from my fellow nurses. i would appreciate it, if you have something hateful or judgemental to say, save it. i can't take another humiliating situation. i am not asking for sympathy, i am just asking what you suggest i do now?
  13. docpsychrn42

    Inmates and lawsuits!

    i was just checking to see if anyone else is constantly being threatened with a lawsuit by an inmate if they don't get the medication they want? i am baffled that one offender we had several years ago actually has a lawyer and is attempting to sue because he didn't get the medication he wanted when he wanted it? this particular inmate is saying that because we didn't give him vicodin and percocet etc, he fell and broke his nose because of being in extreme pain! i don't know about you all, but there has been times in my life where i have contacted a lawyer about a serious issue and was told that there was nothing they could do for me. but yet some of these offenders are getting lawyers to represent them in cases that are frivilous! now i have an inmate that is threatening to sue me because i won't get him all these narcotics, benzos etc. he says he has a court order that says he can have them but i have never seen this court order. i know that many, many offenders come in with horrible medical conditions and are in extreme pain etc but there is nothing as a nurse that i can do for them. the physician knows their conditions and he is the only one that can prescribe medications or treatments for their needs. we do not use benzos in our prison except for a taper and narcotics are strictly used for inmates in the icu where they are monitored. i value my license and i try to do what i can to help these guys (to a point) but i am tired of being threatened with a lawsuit everytime a guy can't get what he wants! i do refer them to the medical doctor when they complain of this and that and i do all the protocol stuff, but as a nurse, there is not much i can do other than refer to the medical doctor or psychiatrist. some of the biggest requests these guys ask for are seroquel, ativan, xanax, clonazepam, ultram and any other opiod they can get. i was just wondering if any of you have to go through this in your correctional setting? thanks.
  14. i have a question....we have an inmate that is on suicide watch in our facility. he does not want to come off suicide watch because he will have to go to the hill. so, everytime we see him (the psychiatrist and myself) he says he will kill himself if we take him off suicide watch or try to make him go back in general pop. there is no documentation from the outside that states that this im has or has not attempted suicide in the past, he is the only person telling us that he has. he has not done one thing while he's been in the hole in an attempt to harm himself. when we see him, he laughs, jokes and demands higher doses of psych meds. if we talk to him about returning to the hill, he immediately states that if we do, he will kill himself no matter what. he does not want pc and will not ask for it. he simply wants to stay on suicide watch so that he doesn't have to leave. problem is, we want to transfer him to a camp that specializes in mental health issues but we cannot transfer him as long as he is on suicide watch! we have even told him that if he gets off suicide watch he can go to this special camp, he states that he will kill himself if we take him off. does anyone have any ideas as to what to do? i have been a mental health nurse for 23 years and for the life of me can't come up with an answer as to what to do. if we were in a forensic hospital setting, this would be a no brainer, but we aren't. and he doesn't qualify for a transfer to a forensic hospital stay either. he is more an axis ii than anything. any suggestions as to what to do? we are getting it from all directions in the sense that they want this guy out of the hole but we aren't putting our licenses' on the line if this guy decides to follow through on his threats.
  15. docpsychrn42

    Subcontracted in the Prisons?

    does anyone work for a contracted company under correctional medical services? in our state we were contracted by cms to provide mh care to the offenders and then lost that contract last year. what i am needing to find out is if cms is ultimately our employer or was the contracted employer our employer? i am asking this because we have lost 3 contracts now and everytime we lose benefits and have to start over again! am i elgible for fmla with cms even though i was "subcontracted" by cms? they ultimately decided our wages, time off, policies etc. with the subcontractors we worked for. any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  16. docpsychrn42

    Corrections Nurses: Have You Been Hit Like This?

    i know that working for doc is much safer for a nurse than working in a state forensic hospital. for one thing, an offender can get 5 years added to their time for assault against a doc employee. there are consequences to their behavior unlike the hospital. i will admit i have nightmares of where i worked and i have certain phobias that i never had before. i sit my back to the wall in public places, i don't let anyone sneak up behind me without having the tendency to swing on them and anytime i hear someone raising their voice for any reason my first instinct is to respond. at the prison i am not allowed to get involved with a use of force, but there have been a few times where i wouldn't have had any other choice than to jump on try to prevent an attack. i know i conquered my fear of not being afraid of them though. i may be scared on the inside but i have learned through years of practice to not show it on the outside. they see it. they know that they are scaring you and they will use it against you everytime. i have stood face to face with female murderers in conflict. but had to...i had to earn my respect from certain ones of them or they would have made sure i got hurt when i least expected it. again, doc has been a great place to work after working that dark and violent hospital for the criminally insane. i could tell you some horrific stories of the crimes those people have done! and to think i actually spent 7 years of my life "taking care of them"! i guess you could call it experience...never again if i can help it. god bless your dad for making it through. i know employees that are trying to retire from this hospital and for what? the benefits are good but is their lives worth it? i was a single mom when i worked there and my kids' needed me too much to continue working there and coming home bruised, bleeding, and emotionally wrecked.

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