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  1. kurlyy1

    Any RNs that are fitness instructors?

    Hi Healthy RN!! Thanks so much for the reply! You are right I just have to make it number one! Ive done it before but I wasn't working 12 hour shifts. I work 4 days one week and 3 the next. I want to get in 'the best shape of my life' and I seriously mean that! I have always focused on my abs and lower body but now want to do head to toe. So am very knowledgeable in low.body but not in upper body. I just want toned arms, chest and back nothing over the top. Since starting nursing I have shrunk! This is NOT a good thing as I have lost all my tone and my curves which I really liked having:uhoh21:. Most people think that's great and having a good metabolism IS a blessing, but I have to WORK to retain the tone I get. I make a point to get a lot of protein, but if I don't continually work out, I just lose it! Any tips you have time to share would be greatly appreciated! I am not a runner, but I do the TaeBoe, love squats and lunges...just don't really have a routine at all and I think that's what I need! Any suggestions on where I can find routines? I can't afford a personal trainer right now, but my goal is to be where I was before in 2-3 months and then improve from there! This is easily possible if I stick to a routine...now I just have to find the routine (-: Have a good day!:)
  2. kurlyy1

    HELP. possibly relocating to Atlanta

    I am thinking of relocating to Atlanta. I am interested in Grady because I would like to work in the burn unit there and eventually go on to get my masters specializing in dermatology. Can anyone tell me anything about good areas near there to live and the commute? Also, I have a 6 year old son the the quality of the school he will be attending is of UTMOST importance to me. Any opinions will be appreciated!
  3. kurlyy1

    Best Florida city?

    Thanks for the feedback Angie! That is comforting to know about the schools in Tampa. I actually have an aunt there so I would have some help, although she is an extremly busy woman. I will keep that option open(-:
  4. kurlyy1

    Any RNs that are fitness instructors?

    Hi healthy RN! I am not a fitness instructor but would love to get to that point...fitness and health are my first loves. How do you find the time to stay fit?! I used to be very fit and still am in pretty good shape but am struggling to get back where I was due to work and kids...I would love to do that and become a persnal trainer. Any tips for sticking to a work out schedule? (just curious...do you have any children?)
  5. kurlyy1

    Florida Roll Call ......

    Hi everyone,my name is Providence :Santa1: and I went to nursing school in Jax at UNF. Unexpectedly moved to, gulp, Lake City Fl which was NOT in my plans at ALL! I am working as a med-surg nurse and love it I am a single mother of two:uhoh3::spin: so I stay busy busy!
  6. kurlyy1

    Best Florida city?

    I am inviting any opinions/advice. I am trying to decide between Jacksonville and Tampa/St Pete area. What is the most important thing to me is the quality of education. I have a 6 year old and a nine month old. I am a single mother and I know it will not be easy as I will be away from my support system...but they live in a very small town and I am more of a big city girl..plus I am single and dating here is next to impossible. BUT like I said...education is my primary focus. I have lived in Jax previously and liked it, but I do not know much about the schools there. Any advice would be much appreciated!! :yelclap:
  7. kurlyy1

    Living poor to living middle class!

    Thank you so much MommyNurse2be! I guess I have had so much on my mind I just couldn't think straight to break it all down simply, but it definately seems I'll be better off, of couse, with the nursing position offered to me. No I don't have any insurance at current job so I am not used to those extra benefits being taken out of my check (I have never had a job w/benefits before!). There is no student loan repayment, no sign on bonus, but there is tuition reimbursement should I choose to go back to school. Thanks again!!
  8. kurlyy1

    Night Shift and Health

    Wow...I am really scared now. I am a morning person. I am healthy, need to fit a workout schedule in to keep endorphins up or I get depressed. Need to get good rest or I am irrationally depressed and then become isolative due to the depression. I am the single mother of a 5 year old and a 3 mo. old...and they NEED me to be with it and alert and Happy! I am wondering if I can do this! Right now I work 5 9a-6p or 7ish days, am off every weekend and holiday...and make a salary comparable or only slightly less to nursing. This will be my first nursing job...I am wondering if I should stay where I'm at! I love what I do right now too! ( I counsel people who are on a weight loss program ) But I now have my RN and I feel I need to use it.... I am really seriously thinking I don't think I can do this night shift with the kids...Are there any other single mothers out there who work the night shift??? IF so HOW do you do it?
  9. kurlyy1

    Living poor to living middle class!

    Wow. I can completely relate to YOU!!! I am the single mother of 2, and it seems I had money for shopping and other little things from time to time as a student. Groceries weren't the constant struggle they are now because I recieved food stamps, and oh my gosh the daycare fees for a baby are insane!! Before I recieved help from gov. for daycare and food, not to mention Medicaid. Now between all the bills and everything else I am often broke 2 days after payday each pay period...:uhoh21: Hang in there!! We can always go back to school! That is what I plan on doing in about 5 years or so.
  10. kurlyy1

    Living poor to living middle class!

    Well I have a question for you...I have a job I love right now as manager of a weight loss clinic. Now that I have passed the boards I am ready to start nursing, but REALLY hesitant to leave the job I love SO much! Especially if I make a similar income at nursing. My question is...and I have had a hard time really finding this out for some reason...is how comparable IS the salary??? I currently make 36K to 40K a year, closer to 36K but the possibility for increase is definately there. I have been offered a job with a base pay of $20.75/hour. I will be working NOC shift (10% diff) and do rotating weekends, but I do not plan on working much OT unless I have no choice as I am a single mother of 2 and time with them is most important to me. I have no idea what to expect that check to look like after taxes and everything else is taken out and am scared that net pay might be less than my current net pay (which is roughly $1300/check but sometimes up to $1600 with monthly bonus, commisions, ect...) Do you have any idea what I can expect?? I would appreciate ANY input on this PLEASE. Thank you very much in advance (-:
  11. I am very interested in derm nursing. Do you have any suggestions on how I should get into that field? I am about to start my first nursing job on a telemetry floor and will be there for at least 6 mo. but I would eventually like to do derm nursing so I can go to grad school and become NP of derm. If you don't mind my asking, what do you think the average pay for a derm nurse is?
  12. kurlyy1

    Who's doing Nursing School with a kid?

    I went through nursing school as a single mother of son exactly your son's age. I had no family in town although they were a few hours away. It was tough and there were some days where I felt I would not be able to scrape myself up off the floor, but I did it and graduated with honors. You can to!! You just put one foot in front of the other and take things one day at a time! I look back now and treasure all my memories of the whole experience! :)
  13. kurlyy1

    GN starting rate?

    Yeah, I live in Jacksonville, Fl and the starting rate is the same...
  14. kurlyy1

    Have I waited too long after graduation??!

    That's great!! What state do you live in? Just wondering cuz new nurses generally start out around $20/hr where I am! That would be a dream job for me! Best of luck to you!:biggringi
  15. kurlyy1

    Have I waited too long after graduation??!

    :spin::spin:Hi newlvngrad! I had an interview yesterday for a position on a telemetry unit. I am very nervous about it because other nurses in the area have told me what a tough hospital it is due to being shortstaffed and a high patient load.... I am thinking to myself do I really want to take this job or wait for something else??? I will be making basically the same pay I make now as manager of a weight loss clinic (and I now have nights, weekends and holidays OFF and am a single mother of a 5 year old and 3 mo.old) so it is wracking my nerves thinking about it. I am soooo confused:bugeyes:, but at the same time it only makes sense to take it because I will eventually make more and can go to grad school in future...not to mention that's what I went to school for!! I'll be doing a lot of praying and if they offer me the position I will most likely take it, I think I would like to eventually go to ICU, but I don't know what I would specialize in as a Nurse Practitioner once i do that...I am probably overthinking things as that is years in the future. :spin: They didn't ask me why I waited so long tho, altho I told them (help out parents and have a baby). You will do fine! I have recieved alot of encouragement from the floor nurses I talked to.
  16. kurlyy1

    Have I waited too long after graduation??!

    Thanks. 12 mo paid intership sounds like something i would LOVE as I am interested in ICU. Best of luck to you!