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    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    I wasn't there. I don't know what went on. I DO believe these people were stranded far too long. It is hard to tell what a person would do when faced with such deplorable conditions. Not unlike any wartime situation where troops are cut off from their batallion, I cannot say with any certainty what I would have done in the same situation. I think this is a smoke screen to cover up the gross neglect that the victims of Katrina suffered at the hands of both the Louisiana and Federal government for such inept handling. Sorry, but "truth hurts".
  2. Nece Br

    My first job in 4 months.

    I own a small occupational health clinic (Indiana). What is it you would like to know? I'll try to be of some help.
  3. Nece Br

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    Are they willing to pay for the additional education to obtain this degree. I know what I owe now for the last 7 years of college. I will be paying on this until I am 98. What WILL they think of next?