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  1. @ Girlashh Here's the test u may need.. immunity for: Measles Mumps Petussis Hepatitis B Rubella Varicella Zoster The blood test results are the ones u need to pass to the institution where u'r enrolled at, proving ur immunity.. if there is no evidence of immunity you may need vaccination.. then repeat blood test only for that particular immunisation u had
  2. you can have a blood tests for your immunity.. in that way, it clears out what vaccines u need..
  3. OET (occupational english test) might be an option for you rather than sitting again for IELTS. It may cost twice as IELTS but for sure, you'll have a better score. Nurses boards requires a grade of "B" in all subtest for OET..
  4. you can take pre registration programs or conversion program as what you're referring to.. it has a minimum of 6.0 in all subtests.. takes 1 and a half yr to complete the course for Bachelor of Nursing.. taking conversion program then shifting to BP mid-year.. would just be a waste of money.. your wasting 9K AUD just for that.. better decide what to take.. there are pros and cons for BP and pre registration (conversion) programs..
  5. first, 6K AUD for your agent will be a burden for you.. you could buy a 2nd hand car for that here.. you can do the processing by yourself but you have to do some research on how to.. but this thread can help you alot in doin so.. Second, certificate IV in nursing would lead you to Division 2 nurse.. Div 2 nurse works under the supervision of div 1 nurse... before it was just a 1-yr course, but recently they've changed it to 1 & a half yr... some uni here offers that course for 10K AUD before for an international student (tution fee for the whole yr).. with the current changes im not sure how much it cost.. this course doesnt have complicated requirements like BP.. This is a TAFE course.. so one doesnt even need a nursing registration from overseas (not sure tho).. BP cost approx 10K for just 3 months.. then ul be registered as div1 nurse.. so why go for cert IV rather than BP? :):confused:
  6. Yup.. u can pre-lodge it.. anyway they will respond to you in writing that inorder for them to progress your application for registration you need to provide evidence of your english competency... this requirement must be met within 2 yrs after lodging an application
  7. Yup.. they do have.. in Melbourne campus under Australian Academy of Nursing (AAoN) and Ballarat Campus under Ballarat Health Services.. U can check thru AAoN website... they have closing dates so better check the website..
  8. the new batch has just started (Feb)...
  9. from my pocket.. hehehe... anyway.. yes you can work for 20 hours a week or full time during semestral breaks.. this is allowed if your on student visa.. beneficial also for me coz my spouse is with me.. he too can work for 20 hours a week and full time during my semestral breaks.. so it helps alot for everyday expenses/bills/rents. But the thing though financial requirements for visa application is doubled with your spouse on.
  10. Hi unadunad.. cnt PM u at the moment.. anyway.. try to ask them for the BNP pathway.. coz BN is too different from BNP.. it would take 3 yrs for BN and u'll have to go through all subjects that u have finished in Philippines.. BNP pathway would introduce u to nursing in Australian setting and the competency u needed as an Australian nurse.. Anyway regarding your PM.. yes.. BNP is still available in UB but i think the next intake is on January next yr.. so this would give you time to process everything u needed.. When UB approves your application they will send u immediately letter of offer.. u'll fill them up and send it back to them.. u'll pay for the tuition fee for just 1 semester.. Confirming your payment they will give you now your eCoE which you need for your visa application (visa application take about 3 months).. so as early as March or April you can have your medicals their in Philippines.. so that by the time you'll lodge for your visa application, evrything would be in place.
  11. @countmein Hi.. i cant reply ur PM as i need more posts here... for my pathway.. actually i dont need an approval from NBV nor a letter from them.. I applied directly to University of Ballarat.. here's a link for the application http://student.ballarat.apply.studylink.com/apply.cfm?ccc=NN7&title=Bachelor of Nursing (Postregistration) there is no application fee, just pass all ur credentials. The next batch for post registration would be Feb 2011 (in OZ the school yr starts January) .. take note that it takes 1 and a half year to earn your degree and registration..
  12. HI alex88 try to email University of Ballarat for the assessment of your credentials.. i can refer you to a person that you can posts your queeries but at the moment i can't PM you as i need more posts in this website.. so try general inquiry for international students in UB.. The progam i think is applicable to all foriegn RNs regardless of number of years spent in nursing school. as i have classmates from India who only have a diploma in nursing.. they spent about 2 yrs in nursing wherein to spend another year, would be a degree for them...
  13. The immigration department does not grant student visas for Certificate III in Age care.. If you're registered nurse.. if you are aiming to get registered in Australia as a Division 1 nurse.. either you get pre-registration course for 3 months (if you have hospital experience).. or Re-entry course (with or WITHOUT hospital experience) for 1 and a half yr or some institution 2 yrs for that.. pls find my other post for information about the re-entry and post registration courses...
  14. As i have said.. AAON is under University of Ballarat... UB's post registration program is held both in Melbourne under AAON and in Ballarat under Ballarat Health Service.. U can inquire about there package for both theory and clinical placements...
  15. Guys.. Just for the record.. try University of Ballarat in Melbourne campus.. the campus there is Australian Academy of Nursing (AAON) The head of the school is a Filipina.. Pre-registration course is 10,000 AUD