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    Hi, if i've not mistaken, this is a very expensive test as compared to the common mantoux test. I've heard its still on trial in some hospital.
  2. To what extent can we prevent?
  3. kaletra

    Disposable IV Canunulation Sets

    Any of your area of practice using the disposable iv cannulation set?? The ultimate objective of the set is of course infection control, time saving in preparing for IV cannulation which each new patient requires. From my understanding from online vendors website, it usually come with alcohol swab, disposable tourniquet, trans parent dressing . I'm thinking of introducing it my area of work . do give me some feedback of the set.
  4. kaletra


    Hi, yes syphillis is sexually transmitted. there isn't much of precaution besides UP . The only thing that worries me is that they can be quite disorientated, restless and make a lot of noise round the clock disturbing all other patients. Managing that can be quite draining on the nurses team. Most of the time when they get out of hand... we will suggest to the medical team to give some mirtazapine.. that works well
  5. kaletra

    Latex allergy but still want to be a nurse

    Hi, well its great to hear that most hospital are changing to latex free gloves. Unfortunaltely, in my area of practice we are still using latex gloves. i do have a senior collegue who's allergy to latex. Her trick is to don a pair of polyethene gloves then latex gloves. The polyethene layer will act as a barrier.
  6. kaletra

    Threat of needle sticks!!

    Hi, needle stick injury is an emotionally traumatic experience. Although, majority hospitals are using needleless system , needle stix injury / infectious exposure still happens. How safe is needless system? well, i guess, its to a certain extend, the end user must be proficient in using the device. every job has its hazard.