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lilthorina specializes in Dialysis, clinic, LTC, L&D.

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  1. lilthorina

    6th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    **Kaboom** That's what the magic dust do to you! Dont make me use it on you!*
  2. lilthorina

    RN from California possibly moving to Arkansas

    I did very briefly but i didnt find the infos. I will look again. Thank you.
  3. I am possibly moving to Arkansas to be with my fiance for a year and come back to california after a year. How do i go about getting an Arkansas license and what are the requirements? Thank you.
  4. lilthorina

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Im from california. i took my exam on march 17th. And today at around 7am, i saw my name posted on the website. It took me a week to find out. But i did the pvt on tuesday. I was so scared to check pvt right after my exam. So i found out tuesday after getting that good pop up page that i passed. Today is definitely official!
  5. lilthorina

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    My name is finally posted on the website!!! PVT works!!! Now I could finally say that Im an RN. Soooo happy. Prayers answered. Thank you God.
  6. lilthorina

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Why is ca bon so slow with updating their website??? I just want to see my name already.
  7. lilthorina

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Im on the same boat as you are!!! I took my exam last thursday, 3/17th, my 3rd attempt. The 2 exams failed and it let me go all the way to cc page. I tried the trick today and i got the good pop up page. Im hopeful i passed this time. Ive been checking CA BON since saturday my name is still not posted. And still not posted today. I have a friend that took hers on Thursday and saw her name on Tuesday, this was last year. So maybe this year is different? I was hoping mine would be the same. That's 5 days of waiting already. I didnt want to do the trick after taking my exam because I did that with the first 2 and i was really upset. So this time I thought I'll just check my name online. But it's not posted yet!!! I'm crossing my fingers and praying that tomorrow our names would show up.
  8. lilthorina

    Lpn starting from scratch in RN program

    Im an lvn and currently going for my rn. im an advance placement student at my school. i bridged in to the 2nd semester now, we hv 8 weeks left for this fall sem! i could have bridged in to the 3rd semester but i didnt have any hospital experience and im too scared, i know it's going to be hard and im not confident enough and i might fail, i did not wanna take the chance! my experience as an lvn for 2 yrs were at a nursing home. i didnt regret going into the 2nd sem, i experienced maternal-child nursing for our first 8 weeks. now we're doing intermediate med/surg. the rest of the advance med/surg and psych would be in the 3rd sem. so im happy and i didnt have to put my name on the waitlist. fortunately for me they have openings. there's 6 of us, lvns, in my class that bridged in for 2nd sem. have you tried applying to another skool? i applied to 3 skools. first skool is 20mins away from home and put me #11th on the waiting list! but i had to take a TEAS test after waiting for a year and will put me in the program for fall 08 if i passed the teas test. one skool that is 1hr from where i live didnt hv any opening but they will hv one in the spring 09 sem. i cudnt wait that long, also u hv to take a teas test on top of other requirements. the third school, and i almost did not want to apply there. i actually applied in the last minute. it's 45 mins away. i took the lvn-gap test in feb 08, completed all the requirements and turned in my application in march 08. no teas test! and found out i got accepted around june 08! and i started in aug 08! my acceptance got lost in the mail coz we moved to a new apartment! but that was another story.... so here i am, studying really hard. working part time or per diem... im so broke!!!! well, whatever makes you feel comfortable, just go for it.
  9. lilthorina

    What kind of jobs do nursing students have?

    I was a CNA while in LVN school.... I will be going to LVN-RN bridge this Aug 08, obviously, I will be working as an LVN at a nursing home for 16-24 hours per week....
  10. lilthorina

    POLL: How far in debt will you be???

    just for my LVN alone, i hv a $21,000 loan and still trying to make monthly payments... i went to a private school... i will be bridging to RN this aug '08.... it's a community college... i hd money saved up from my tax refund and used that money to pay my tuitions for jst the 2nd semester where im bridgin into.... i havent bought the books yet... im currently working ryt now.. im hoping to save up jst enough money for books, and for the next two semesters... i will still be going to work while in nursing school... the class/clinical will only be 3 days a week. im hoping i will hv enough time to study and jst a few hours to work to pay for gas and food.... i dont want to loan for my RN... I hv enough bills to pay. i do hv car payments, rent, bills, etc... though my mom is very helpful, i dont want to take her money either... i jst cant wait to start nursing school....
  11. lilthorina

    New RN Grad from Philippines wants to challenge LVN

    thanks for the reply... I don't know exactly what kind of visa she have. Im thinking an immigrant visa? I dont think she has a working visa, but I havent asked her yet... How come some RNs from philippines worked as an LVN and then eventually got their RN here in the US? well, like you said, the working visas..... what about just taking the CNA? where can she apply for that and what are the requirements???
  12. lilthorina

    New RN Grad from Philippines wants to challenge LVN

    thanks for the reply.... where could she apply for license by examination and what are the requirements? what about CNA???
  13. I have a friend who is a new RN grad from the Philippines. She's in California right now. She havent taken the nclex-rn yet. She's new in the area and I'm trying to help her get some ideas and informations. Right now she is working as a private caregiver and at the same time studying for her nclexrn. But i dont know exactly when she's planning to take her nclx rn.... She happened to ask me if where could she take a CNA classes, but she prefers online classes and also take the board test online for CNA. There's some nursing home facilities that offer CNA courses or even community colleges, but she prefers online... I know there's some RN grads from the Philippines that started as a CNA before they actually got their license as an RN. But I also think that it would be better for her to jst challenge the LVN board exam... I am an LVN myself, started as a CNA and I am hoping to start my LVN-RN advance placement this fall semester in August... I am excited!!! But anyway, i jst dont know exactly what to tell her. If i was her, I would challenge the LVN boards.... how can she go about applying either one, CNA or LVN.... Thank you for your comments and ideas... I really appreciate it...
  14. lilthorina

    LVN in Labor and Delivery

    I just got a job in labor and delivery at a county hospital where they have 300 births a month. I was grateful to landed a job at the county but I never expected to get hired in the L&D dept. I thought I will be hired in the med/surg which I didnt mind at all. Ive been working for a month now. I work at night, another LVN who is a newgrad works in the am shift (we got hired together). The dept manager told us that she never have LVNs in the L&D before and that this will be the first time. So i guess we were very appreciative about it, which I am and fortunate enough since I've waited 8 months to get my feet in the county hospital. I started my LVN in the nursing home and still working there once a week. I work full time at the hospital for their good benefits. My role in the L&D are pretty much assisting the RNs. I put the patients in the external monitor. Do UA dips, take vital signs. Start an IV and draw blood, which i still need more practice in. Take patients in a w/c from ER to the L&D floor if they cant walk and take lab specimens to the laboratory. Help transfer patient from labor room to delivery room. Assist in the delivery room. Give newborns a bath, administer erythromycin and vit k to newborns, take vital signs on newborn, transfer mom/baby to postpartum. I have floated twice in the PostPartum, which i shouldnt be floated but they were short of nurses at that time. I liked the post partum than the labor and delivery. I know not many LVNs get a position in the L&D. There is one LVN working in the PostPartum, the rest are RNs. I really like the postpartum because I feel that I am a nurse, an LVN at least. In the postpartum u get to have your own groups of patients, just like in the nursing home; do patient teachings, administer meds, take vitals on babies., give and receive reports, etc; of course no IVPB for LVNs. RNs does delegates stuff for me to do, and I don't mind that at all.... So right now, Im contemplating about getting transferred to post-partum from L&D. I already talked to my dept manager and she said she cant accomodate me and i was hired specifically for L&D, but if i really want to I have to turn in a transfer letter, which I did. I don't think she'll transfer me right away, coz im still in probation for 6 months! But i'm really hoping she will consider it. I know i jst let this L&D opporunity slip in my hands if I get transferred. But I feel like a Nurse Tech/CNA in the L&D rather than an LVN. They do have a Nurse Tech/CNA which pretty much do the same thing I do except starting an IV and administer atb ointment and vit k to newborns. I really thought working in L&D would be the same as the RNs that works there except IVPBs, but I was wrong. Should I stay or get transferred??? I know i already gave a transfer letter to my manager. But I really didnt wanna sound like I'm complaining. It was just a huge transition for me from nursing home to L&D and my role suddenly changed..... I dont know how the morning LVN feels about it, but im sure she likes it there since she havent worked somewhere else... I definitely feels the opposite....
  15. lilthorina

    Patient died from 8GMs of Dilantin

    sometimes doctors doesnt write legibly. the nurse must have read it wrong for whatever reason and did not check with the doctor and other nurses. 32 vials is a lot! i could jst imagine myself drawing up all those vials. that takes time to draw them all up!!!! there's something wrong in her head.... and it was wrong what she did.... i dont see any reason why they fired the doctor... the doctor should not be fired... what happened to 5 rights...? this is a lesson learned... prayers and support to all parties......
  16. lilthorina

    Anyone getting the RN liscense plate?

    my co-worker, an RN, was pulled over by a police officer. she was speeding. we both work 3-11 shift. of course she was in a hurry to get home, and she gets home late. so the officer asked her why she's in a hurry, she said that she didnt mean to and that she was tired and told the officer that she's a nurse. the officer let her go and didnt give her a ticket. you dont have to have a lic. plate on your car to be recognized as a nurse. but honestly, let's all drive safe. it's just a matter of self-discipline. either way, u will never get away if you did any violations. drive safely people and buckle up!