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  1. Redzie

    NCLEX Refresher Course

    Hi, Galen Health Institute will be having an LPN review for the NCLEX in November. It's Sat & Sun either the 2nd or 3rd weekend in November. Not sure of the cost. You could call the school regarding the price & date. 727-577-1497
  2. Hello, I will be a graduate LPN nurse and will have passed my boards by Dec. Today was career day and many Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Staffing agencies, etc, came in to recruite us. Some were for profit, and some not for profit. Does anyone have any opinions on what's better? Or rather, advantages and disadvantages? Appreciate the insight! Redzie
  3. I will be graduating from the LPN program at Galen in 6 wks. While attending clinicals, staff nurses have great things to say about Galen students, and just ok things to say about Ptec students. I also work part time on the weekends and a former Ptec graduate and I compare our classes/knowledge and her comments to me were "You have experienced way more than I have and it seems you got a way better education than I did". I hope so for all the money spent. As far as their accreditation, Galen mgmt says some time next year. They have other schools within the US and are trying to get the programs standardized which is difficult with different state practice acts. They say they are close. The great thing about their bridge program is they do not require the prerequisites that the other schools bridge programs require. This makes it extremely excelerated. Expensive, but fast.
  4. Redzie

    Becoming a CNA with a BA degree?

    Or.... there are prep test courses for CNA's. I am taking a 4 week program at the Red Cross and it costs $425. They help place you in the end, but more importantly, I'm hearing that hospitals, home health and LTC's, really respect the Red Cross program. There are other shorter and cheaper prep courses, (check the web for your area) however they don't seem as in depth. If working in a hospital is your goal, as it is mine, I understand they give you a week's worth of training to become a PCT which has a few more responsibilities.
  5. Redzie

    LTC Dignity

    I have just completed my 3rd week of 4 in CNA school. Today, was our first day of 3 days in an LTC facility where they allow us to come in and put to use everything we've been learning. Although I have never stepped foot in a facility like this, I knew I would have to deal with "unpleasant" things, but I didn't realize how much, and they didn't prepare us. BM's were everywhere since it was first thing in the morning. But since I was new at assisting the CNA's, I was slow, gentle, nervous, and clumsy and the aides probably thought I couldn't hack it. But I was afraid of hurting someonw. Regarding the BM's, I did everything I could not to gag for fear of embarrassing the resident, so I thought of flowers and walking into a house at Thanksgiving smelling the great food cooking. I'm positive I'll get used to it and be more careful not to step in it in the shower, get it on my pants, etc. I'll go again tomorrow and try to do better. Everything I'm learning in the program has a focus/basis for dignity. I didn't see a lot of that at this facility. They don't cover them good for privacy or warmth, because they are low on towels, they are wiping them fast and harsh, many residents would wimper a little because the CNA might have been hurting them a bit, they don't talk to them while showering or while doing anything, really; they say things out loud to me or to their coworkers with no regard that the resident can hear and has feelings, while I was showering a lady who had right side weakness, I asked her a few times if she was ok, and the CNA said, I can tell you're new, later, you'll just know that they are ok. I thought to myself "why would I EVER stop asking them if they were ok???!?!?!?" So here's my question -- Do all or most CNA's become so complacent that they forget to be courteous or respectful? Or is it that they are just too busy? (These CNA's had 7-9 residents each - not sure if that's a lot or a little) Maybe it's just that they are with these residents every day and they know them so well, and I just saw too little to really know. I just know that I am entering the healthcare field to make a difference in people's lives (first CNA, then LPN, then RN) and I don't ever want to become so complacent that I lose site of a patient's, resident's, or client's, dignity or feelings. Am I delusional? Maybe after my first day there, it's too soon to judge. I would welcome and appreciate an insite to what it's like day in and day out, but also it would be good to hear other's first day impressions.
  6. I'm older and completely changing careers, so I've done a lot of research to enter into nursing school. Galen seems like a good school, although expensive. More importantly, this school is not accredited. You can attend the first year for your LPN, and the 2nd year for your RN. You'll come out with an associates degree. Since this degree is not transferable, You could not go on to get your bachelors. As a result, you would have to decide now if you plan to further your education. What I found in my research was if you ever want to be in nursing management, you MUST have a BSN. If you plan on being a staff nurse forever, you'd be fine as an ASN. The school is pricey - about 30k including books for the 2 years. 15k for 1 year. Are you talking about the Florida location? I myself am going to attend the LPN program for the first year, then I'll do the bridge program (LPN to RN) over at St. Pete College- no waiting or selection process. This way, I can work as an LPN while I continue on. If you start out at St. Pete College, once you complete your pre-req's, there IS a "selection" process based on GPA, what courses you took, and how many. I know a few gals that are finished with their pre-req's and have been waiting each semester because other poeple have better GPA's. If you want to know more, send me a private message.
  7. Redzie

    CNA wages???

    I am about to enroll in the Red Cross program, how is it?