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    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    A patient with dementia sings to his bedside sitter: "Roses are red Violets are blue I love your fat a$$ But I'll still cheat on you!" He had us all rolling on the floor with laughter. :)
  2. mixyRN

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    You have your opinion as I have mine. Let's agree to disagree and lest you forget, this thread is titled "Crouse Hospital" so let's keep the discussion to the subject at hand. If you wish to tout the praises of your opinion of " hands down #1...no question about it..." school then perhaps you should start a thread of your own to discuss it. Thank you.
  3. mixyRN

    Electronic Tracking of Nursing Activities

    I know of an instance in which this technology was used AGAINST a nurse to "prove" she had not been in a patient's room when in fact she was and her badge did not register. This nurse was reprimanded over an incident in which she could not prove she had been in the room and was suspended. Technology is not perfect!
  4. mixyRN

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    I respectfully disagree. I am a Crouse grad and I am very satisfied with my education. I researched both schools extensively prior to enrollment and I feel they are the best nursing school in the area. :)
  5. mixyRN

    What was more stressful for you?

    This is s stressful profession, period. Especially if you are a bedside hospital nurse. School is waaaaay more stressful than the stress of getting into school so be prepared. That being said, each challenge you face and overcome builds confidence and allows you to handle more stress or different stressful situations, so in essence you adapt and are better prepared to handle each stressful situation you encounter. Keep a positive attitude and always ask youself "what can I learn in this situation to help me in my practice and handle stressful situations better?" This will help you in handling future stressful situations and facilitate your ability to cope with the stress and be confident you will grow throught it. Good Luck! :)
  6. mixyRN

    Those at the 1-2 year mark of nursing

    I may be in the minority but it took about 6 months for me to be comfortable in my job, 1 year to be confident, and 1.5 years to be bored. I rarely feel like I am learning anything new and I yearn to be excited and challenged again with my job. I think the transition into becoming comfortable happens at different times for everyone. The only way to work through it is to go through it. :)
  7. mixyRN

    All LPNs laid off in a day

    STAT troponins and blood cultures 8-12 hours late? Yikes that place is unsafe and a lawsuit waiting to happen... I sure wouldn't want to be named in that suit. I would run, not walk to the nearest exit before the sun sets today.
  8. mixyRN

    I am confused....what should I do?

    also check out Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. They hire new grads, even in specialties like Tele, ICU, and NICU. :)
  9. mixyRN

    IV push concerns

    I feel strongly that IV push med administration is one of those safety issues where you should have NO distractions. You should focus on that task only and assess your pts for S&S adverse reactions during the IV push. It's also a great time to converse with your patient, assess with your eyes, educate...etc all while keeping yourself focused on the task at hand and assessing the pt's response. Just my humble opinion.
  10. mixyRN

    Struggles with finding a nursing job....

    I guess my nurse manager who hired 6 new grads currently orienting on my floor didn't get your memo.
  11. if i had a penny for everytime the patients ask when their doctor is coming, i could retire already!
  12. mixyRN

    Who Is In Need of Inspiration, Today?

    Wow, thanks for posting! :)
  13. mixyRN

    Crushing meds?

    Ha-Ha, our "pill crusher" is a bent-up can of Campbell's tomato soup! If it's missing from the med room, a small babyfood jar of applesauce will work in a pinch. :)
  14. Seven agonizing days! I took the test on a Tues, my friend the following Thurs. Her license posted on a Monday, 4 days after the exam, while mine posted the next day on Tues. Go figure! We tested at the same testing center too.
  15. mixyRN

    Have you ever cheated?

    Never cheated in NS!! Never even tempted to try since INTEGRITY is so important to me. I did cheat a few times in HS though, felt terrible afterwards. I guess that's how you learn that even if no one ever finds out you still have to live with yourself. :)
  16. mixyRN

    When you don't agree with the doctor.....

    I once refused to run an IV piggyback medication at the rate prescribed 1000cc/hr. I researched the med and for this dosage the safest rate was 250cc/hr. I called the pharmacist who confirmed my calculation, then I took it to the charge nurse who replied this doc writes for this "all the time" and "we go ahead and give it." I stood my ground and refused to run the med. The charge nurse did it instead and no harm came to the patient. I would still refuse to run it to this day. It's too risky and I felt it was unsafe to infuse a med more quickly than is safe to do, especially after confirming it with two sources!
  17. mixyRN

    the TEAS (forgive my posting in this group)

    The TEAS is so basic in the science section, you can take it without A&P and Micro for sure. If I remember correctly, my TEAS had only 1 A&P question and no micro but that was 3-4 years ago. You should refresh yourself with basic geology, ecology, and physical science. Maybe also check out some basic chemistry and physics concepts. Most of the content was on topics I had covered in 7th to 9th grade science class. Good Luck! :)
  18. mixyRN

    Jacksonville University

    may i ask why ju is making you re-take chem? i have earned credit for chem i and ii but it was 12 years ago. i don't want to have to retake any classes.
  19. mixyRN

    I am done!!!!!!

    :ancong!: You've earned it! Enjoy your well deserved vacation!
  20. congrats! I'm more of a math-science geek myself! Give me a proof, a math exam, or a science project and I am excited, LOL! This writing papers business will be painful for me but I understand the necessity of it all. I even forced myself to take a writing intensive course prior to NS to get myself back into the groove of writing papers. p.s. I sent you a pm :)
  21. After much consideration, I am applying today to start in Jan also. They are still excepting applications for Spring and I'm so ready to go back. I've been out of school a year and I'm bored outside of working 40+ hours a week. I also hate writing papers! I'd much rather take Calculus again! LOL But since I want to earn my BSN thru online classes, there is no getting around writing PAPERS. Here's hoping I get so good at them I'll learn to love them. :)
  22. I am considering Chamberlain and wondering if the online degree is NLNAC or CCNE accredited? The website isn't clear on the online degree, only the on site campuses.
  23. mixyRN

    I truly need help from all of you

    How long have you been at this job? I have been working on my unit right out of NS just like you and believe it or not, I have adjusted to it. I felt the same as you... a total zombie at home but now I have time for my family and doing things I like to do. I just needed time to adjust to the new routine and once I became comfortable and familiar with my unit and the day to day stress and chaos at work, I had much more energy at home. I work a busy med-surg floor as well and we average 5-7 patients per shift. Somehow after 8 months on the floor I have managed to adapt and still have a life outside of work, which I didn't think was possible when I started this job. Hang in there... it gets better! :flwrhrts:
  24. mixyRN

    NLNAC vs. CCNE Accreditation

    This is an old thread! Old enough that I have graduated from my NLNAC accredited ADN program and I'm looking into BSN programs. I am favoring Jacksonville U's online program BUT they are only CCNE accredited. Is that going to be a problem for me when I apply to graduate school for my NP? Should I be looking into an NLNAC accredited program?
  25. Interesting find. Our pharmacy always auto-substitutes Protonix for patients taking Nexium or Prilosec at home. I checked and Protonix is not on the list of meds that interact with Plavix.