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  1. Mansfield_chick

    PLEASE help w/divorce+baby+birth record

    I was told she was having an affair behind my back, but I just want proof for myself cause its hard to believe she really had a child a few months after the divorce. I really dont have the money to go back to court again.
  2. Mansfield_chick

    PLEASE help w/divorce+baby+birth record

    I got divorced back in June 2008 and little did I know that my ex-wife was pregnant at the time and she had a child a 3-4 months after the divorce. She quickly re-married 3 months after the divorce to try to hide the child from me. She cut off all communication to all of our friends and family members. I want to see a birth certificate that way I can have proof to take her to court and get custody of my child. Please help & if anyone can offer up any ideas on how to go about this situation please comment or send me an IM. God Bless. Michael Does anyone work for or know anyone that works for the Tarrant County Courthouse or Arlington Memorial Hospital ?
  3. Mansfield_chick

    Newbie here!

    thanks for all the welcoming messages....i guess i'll see you at uta this fall momto2beauties.
  4. Mansfield_chick

    Skill Full Hands

    Is this the one over by Brookhaven Country Club?
  5. Mansfield_chick

    Collin County Community College anyone?

    I have not. When is their Spring deadline? I think I may want to apply.
  6. Mansfield_chick

    Newbie here!

    hello everyone! this is my first post, but have been visiting this site for quite some time. this fall i will be attending uta and taking their 3 prerequisite courses and have applied for their rn program for the upcoming spring semester. is there any uta nursing students/graduates out there that can give me some insight on their program?