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  1. Ayonti

    Bad Rep for Med Surg

    I am a new nurse on a busy med surg floor. I've been there for 5 months and everyday I go to work, I want to quit. I just figured it out why. I thought nursing was spending time with pt and getting to know the emotional and spiritual needs as well as the physically needs. This is what we were taught in school and I loved it. The real world is far from this. I only have time to find out (after spending a hour or so trying to find the chart) what I need to know about the pt to get through the day. When they are trying to talk to me about their personal life, Im thinking to myself about the other 4 pt, charting, labs etc. I can not seem to get a handle on this and feel like I am drowning all the time, everyday. It is a horrible feeling and I feel sorry for the patients. We spend so much time with paper work that it's unbelievable. I am thinking about my next move because I do not want to work under these conditions.
  2. Ayonti

    Hospice in hospital setting

    Thank you never too late, Your details really gave me a picture of how your day is. I am really considering hospice after I gain some experience in med surg. I feel that I can really make a difference in the life of the family and patient in their most difficult time. I dont feel anything in med surg except like a glorified maid to some patients. Thanks again!
  3. Ayonti

    Hospice in hospital setting

    Hello everyone, I am currently in a med surg oncology unit and have been there for 4 months. I am considering going into hospice but in a hospital setting because I really do not want to have to drive to other settings, homes, etc. What is a typical day like working in this setting compared to med surg...patient ratio, screaming doctors, running around for 12 hours trying to get everything done, labs, writing orders, , discharge, admissions, etc. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. I did not go to my pinning ceremony and I did not have second thoughts about it. I knew I did not want to go but I asked my husband and children if they wanted to go because they went through this journey with me. They all said they did not want to go. It did not bother them in the least. I was happy because I really did not want to go. We all had a good time at my graduation with the rest of the family.
  5. Ayonti

    Any clinical research nurses out there?

    I have an interview with an independent clinical research company and was wondering what types of questions do I need to ask. I have med surg exp only and have no exp in research but want to get into research. Thanks.
  6. Ayonti

    Is Nursing School more difficult than working?

    Nursing school was so much easier than working as an RN.
  7. Ayonti

    How To Find A Office Position As A Rn

    Dear Csiln, I too graduated as an RN, went into med surg for 3 months, hated it, and resigned. I have been home for three months now wondering what am I going to do. I just applied for an ambulatory position. I do not have an experience but I am taking a shot at it. I found it by going on the district hospitals websites in my area. These hospital systems have ambulatory facilities and doctors offices affiliated with the hospital. Good Luck..........
  8. Ayonti

    Can a new grad become a CRC?

    I have only 3 months med surg exp and find that I really do not like it. Research is very interesting and I wanted to know if I can get into research with so little exp. Thanks.
  9. Ayonti

    Non clinical areas of nursing

    Dear Lacie and travelnurse, Thank you for your help. I will look for more info within these companies.
  10. Ayonti

    I dont want to do this anymore!!!

    Dear dijmart, I also thought about psych nursing. I went to the forum by specialty for psych on this same site trying to get some info. I came to the conclusion that I do not want to deal with hospitals, assessments, doctors, medications and all the paper work that goes along with it. I had worked in an office setting for 11 years before going into nursing and I want to go back to that type of setting. I would really love working for social or humans services. Or nursing in an office setting.
  11. Ayonti

    I dont want to do this anymore!!!

    I have considered social work. I wish I had did this instead of nursing. But the problem is that I think to get into this field, I would need a degree in social work. I just got my BSN. I do not have the money or time to to back for another degree. If I could use my BSN for social work, I would jump at the chance.
  12. Ayonti

    I dont want to do this anymore!!!

    Dear ChristiansMommy, When you say insurance co., do you mean health ins. co, life insurance, auto insurance. And if so, what title will I be looking for. In other words, what would be the title of the RN postion that insurance co. are looking for? I do not want to go back to bedside nursing and is hoping to get into something different. Thanks.
  13. Ayonti

    Non clinical areas of nursing

    Hello everyone, I am in the Broward county area and I wanted to know if there are any insurance companies, pharm or medical reps positions available in this county. I am a new nurse and have only 3 months of med surg exp. Can I find a job in these areas of expertise with only 3 months exp? Thanks
  14. Dear Halinja, I found it. Thank you so much for your help. I now know that there are others who feel the same way I do.
  15. Ayonti

    I dont want to do this anymore!!!

    Hi Control, I have only 3 months exp in med surg because I quit after being sick and stressed out. I do not want to go back to a hospital. What non clinical areas do you think I could go into? Thanks
  16. PLEASE PLEASE help me. I feel like I am all alone with no one to turn to for help. I am a new RN with a BSN. I quit my 1st job as a med surg nurse after 3 months because of stress, depression and anxiety, all because of the job. Prior to this I was a new RN, full of hope and excited about my new career. I am home now unemployed, feeling like I wasted 5 years of my life in nursing school. I also feel like a failure in front of my family. I want to work in a field related to nursing without being a bedside nurse. I am so afraid to go back there that everytime I even think about it my stomach hurts. I am still having anxiety attacks in my personal life because of my 1st job. What other fields can I get into? I feel like I am just wasting away. For my well being I can not go back to a hospital setting but what am I going to do with my BSN and only 3 months experience in med surg. Thanks.