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  1. tenstw26

    What nursing school did or are you attending?

    Hi, I also got accepted to Alfred State College nursing program! How is this program? Are they helpful? I will be relocating from NYC!
  2. tenstw26

    What nursing school did or are you attending?

    Hi, I got accepted to this school! How is the nursing program at this school?
  3. tenstw26

    Acceptances for the year 2007

    Hello all I just got my 1st acceptance letter of the 21 nursing programs I applied for to >>Corning Community College in upstate NY - for Fall 2007. I'm still waiting for the other 20 schools responses! Good Luck To Everyone!!! Is there anyone else out there that will be attending Corning or already attending Corning? Please provide any feedback! All feedback will be greatly appreciated about this school and the program they offers.
  4. tenstw26

    What nursing school did or are you attending?

    hi, i'm thinking about attending a school that offers a nursing diploma combined w/aas degree. can you please explain to me to what a nursing diploma is? please include the disadvantage and advantages? my background: i have presently hold a bs degree in business management and finance. i am in the process of changing careers from the financial industry into my one and only love medical field - nursing. new york city makes it extremely difficult to get into there nursing programs. i would love to get into a bsn program, which i am currently working on but i also need a back-up just in case , i don't get into a bsn program. i am also currently taking a few pre-req's at a community college. please give your feedback. my goal is to get my foot in the door and then go from there. i do plan to continue my schooling until i earn a phd in nursing, but right now i just need to get my foot in the door. my undergraduate gpa wasn't that great, so that's what i am currently struggling with. please give your feedback. thanks, tenstw26