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    Any UCSF Mepn Applicants?

    sorry for the double post, server issues
  2. tbk

    Any UCSF Mepn Applicants?

    I am in the same boat! I was forewarned in my interviews that this might happen, (acceptance from somewhere before UCSF was prepared to let me know)--but not given any great suggestions as to what I might do when/if it actually did. I did tell my interviewers that I had applied elsewhere (I was asked the question directly), and was told this sort of thing happens each year with many other candidates, i.e. overlapping deadlines, etc. I suppose if the letter from UCSF doesn't arrive by March 1st, I'll call and ask for information over the phone, as that WAS the deadline they "guaranteed" mailing notifications, it IS my first choice, and I don't have an extra $600 floating around. Perhaps I won't get any more information by then, but the decision has to have been made by then, and it is at least worth a try--especially if I save $. Plus, the lady on the phone might have just been blathering to get people to stop calling--one can only hope.