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  1. PsychRN-Kris

    Staff Abuse

    Yikes. Sounds like there are some serious management problems there. The idea is to diffuse situations early before they turn in to escalated violence. If patient's have access to dangerous objects that's also a serious problem on the unit. I'm really surpised the hospital is allowed keep the unit open and/or keep staff with those sort of things going on!
  2. I went straight into psych right out of school and have never regretted the decision. I was even told that I wouldn't be hired without the year of med-surg experiance and that I'd make much less money. I was hired right out of school and I work at a locked involuntary facility and make a very competitive wage, more than my classmates who work med-surg at the local hospitals. I still manage many medical issues at my facility and I'm confident that I'd be able to brush up on any necessary med-surg skills if I ever needed to make a change out of psych nursing.
  3. PsychRN-Kris

    What do Psych nurses really do?

    Much more than just "meds and paperwork". Here's a list of some of the things I do: Pre-admission screening and admission acceptance, continuing mental health assessment and medical assessment, treatment planning and consultation with the whole mental health team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, social workers, therapists and court staff, coordination and supervision of my staff on shift, adminstration and monitoring of meds, management and treatment of co-existing medical conditions, patient teaching and counseling and family teaching and counseling. True most of the above involves paperwork and meds but on a much more complex level. I was also interested in pscyh nursing right out of school and was counseled away from it by many peers but I went right into it and am still loving it almost two years later. I've never regretted it. Have your daughter see if she can spend some time in school doing a psych rotation and if it's only a short rotation have her request some extra days to see if it's a good fit. :)
  4. Here in WA we call it "Second Opinion Involuntary Injection" of medication.
  5. Assessing your patient does involve asking questions and a lot probing sometimes. Ask the questions directly and try not to worry that you sound scripted. Part of a good assessment is asking the appropriate questions that need to be asked in order to gain a clear picture. For patient's who do not answer or talk, I may try re-phrasing the questions and if still no response I don't push and later on give things a try. Remember non-answered questions still can give information as to the patient's current state. Boundaries with your pateint's need to be direct and clear. You need to decide what personal information you are or aren't comfortable sharing, I wouldn't have a problem stating my age, but I certainly would not answer where I live. I always answer with "I don't share that information with my patient's" and a smile. Flirtatious patients or ones who make inappropriate sexual remarks I handle with a simple "That is not appropriate (insert name), please do not do that again." If it continues despite giving re-direction I either remove myself from the area or send the patient to their room for a time out.
  6. PsychRN-Kris

    Fingerstick Glucose Testing-Do Alcohol Wipes Interfere w/ Results?

    Thank you all for your thoughts and input. :) I'm still in search of documented guidelines for the CDC, ADA or NIH to settle this debate/issue at work and to aide in writing of our policy. I haven't been able to find anything so far, but if anyone runs across anything please do let me know.
  7. What is your employer's policy and procedure on fingerstick blood glucose testing? My employer doesn't have a policy and procedure on this and my co-workers and I are all in debate as to whether it is okay to clean the finger w/ alcohol wipes, as long as you let the finger dry, versus having the patient wash their hands. Is there documented evidence that alcohol interferes w/ results? I've searched the ADA and CDC for their recommendations but haven't found anything yet. If anyone can point me to some documented guidelines I'd appreciate it!
  8. PsychRN-Kris

    Any Suggestions for Comfy Shoes?

    I had Nurse Mates in school and HATED them.
  9. PsychRN-Kris

    Any Suggestions for Comfy Shoes?

    I bought some expensive Klogz brand shoes that were really comfortable but made my feet sweat like "a _____ in church." Anyhow, I decided to try some of the inexpensive (like $10) ventilated comfort clogs on allheart.com thinking what the heck? Let me tell you, they are the most comfortbale, light weight nursing shoe I've owned. They have a removable padded sole too. I was so surprised! I've had them about 6 months and they've held up too.
  10. PsychRN-Kris

    Please don't eat your young.

    ROFL! :lol2: Seriously though, I used to wonder the same thing as a student since the majority of nurses I worked with seemed less than thrilled to have a student. I've had students coming through the last few months and really got a birdseye view of what it's like to have a student after having a few assigned to me. They slow you down and when you're having a crazy, hectic shift it's hard to stop and teach. You are responsible for checking up on that student to make sure he/she is delivering safe care to your patients. When you're tired and all you want to do is go home your patience is not at it's peak. It's not the student's fault they are inquisative and eager to learn. I really try and stop and think about my own student experiances back in school when I'm wearing thin on patience. For instance, if a student is asking questions and I'm not able to answer at that moment I say "That's an excellant question, hold it with any other questions you have and when I'm done and can give you 100% of my attention we'll talk about it." It's intimidating being a student but the experiances they have molds their future, so I try and be the best role model I can with them. :)
  11. PsychRN-Kris

    Did I miss the memo???? (rant)

    Wow...sounds like you work with a real team player. You sound like a dream co-worker to work with, keep up the great work, your efforts are surely appreciated and will be noted by managment. :)
  12. PsychRN-Kris

    Midnight Dr. Call.

    If you feel the doc needs to be called then it's warranted. Provided you have a pressing issue that can't wait until morning. And as the previous posters noted, make sure you have all your info in front of you. Also repeat any order given back to the doctor. I've a had a few so groggy that they've been hard to understand.
  13. PsychRN-Kris

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    Hmmmm......my school must of been different because it didn't focus on bed making, bedpan emptying or denture cleaning. :uhoh21:
  14. PsychRN-Kris

    Do any of you work 10 hour shifts?

    I work a few 12's back to back each week and I hate them. I think 10 hour shifts would be better. On the plus side, when I work 8's they just fly by compared to 12's!
  15. PsychRN-Kris

    Please Help Me

    First of all, so sorry to hear about your troubles. What were the grounds you were failed on? Did you fail to meet the requirements/grades as stated by the school? If so, I'd say there's not much you could do. Or was it something else? Please explain more.