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  1. PsychRN-Kris

    Staff Abuse

    Yikes. Sounds like there are some serious management problems there. The idea is to diffuse situations early before they turn in to escalated violence. If patient's have access to dangerous objects that's also a serious problem on the unit. I'm really surpised the hospital is allowed keep the unit open and/or keep staff with those sort of things going on!
  2. I went straight into psych right out of school and have never regretted the decision. I was even told that I wouldn't be hired without the year of med-surg experiance and that I'd make much less money. I was hired right out of school and I work at a locked involuntary facility and make a very competitive wage, more than my classmates who work med-surg at the local hospitals. I still manage many medical issues at my facility and I'm confident that I'd be able to brush up on any necessary med-surg skills if I ever needed to make a change out of psych nursing.
  3. PsychRN-Kris

    What do Psych nurses really do?

    Much more than just "meds and paperwork". Here's a list of some of the things I do: Pre-admission screening and admission acceptance, continuing mental health assessment and medical assessment, treatment planning and consultation with the whole mental health team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, social workers, therapists and court staff, coordination and supervision of my staff on shift, adminstration and monitoring of meds, management and treatment of co-existing medical conditions, patient teaching and counseling and family teaching and counseling. True most of the above involves paperwork and meds but on a much more complex level. I was also interested in pscyh nursing right out of school and was counseled away from it by many peers but I went right into it and am still loving it almost two years later. I've never regretted it. Have your daughter see if she can spend some time in school doing a psych rotation and if it's only a short rotation have her request some extra days to see if it's a good fit. :)
  4. Here in WA we call it "Second Opinion Involuntary Injection" of medication.
  5. PsychRN-Kris

    I Need Days Off for My Own Mental Health!

    Thanks....I feel better. I guess I don't want to be looked at as "not a team player"....and as a new RN it's been hard knowing when to say no.
  6. I took a part time job because I wanted a part time job. I'm a new RN juggling a family as well. The problem I'm finding is evertime I have a day off, work calls and needs me to come in. Usually because another nurse has called in or left sick. Sometimes it's right after I've worked two 12's in a row with a difficult patient load needing constant attention and supervision and the thought of going back is unbearable. Most days I can't even have an unintterupted lunch break to eat and finishe my paperwork. So when I'm called in every week on my much looked forward to days off I feel completely stressed out and frustrated and then end up feeling guily when I say "No" and then end up not enjoying my days off. I know this issue isn't limited to psych nursing but any advice?
  7. PsychRN-Kris

    Andrea Yates R.N.

    Well said....I agree 100%.
  8. I've tried like 4 brands of shoes and my feet STILL hurt after my shift...especially the 12 hour shifts. I've had Nursemates, Rockers, Crocs and I just bought Klogs. The Klogs are very comfy and great for the first 4 hours but then my feet start hurting again. Any advice?
  9. I'm a new grad nurse and I laughed really hard at this.....thanks for brightening my morning!
  10. PsychRN-Kris

    Poll: What do you love about psych nursing?

    I love that there is never, and I mean NEVER, a dull moment. I also noticed of all places I rotated during school, the psych nurses tended to be a very friendly group of individuals with a lot of compassion and patience and a level of team work that was so insipring.
  11. PsychRN-Kris

    Please help Please!!!

    Hi....I'm a new grad RN and I didn't know I wanted to be in psych for sure until I did my preceptorship in the field my final quarter of nursing school. I absorbed all the experiances I could while in school and found psych to the the place that I really loved. I was told over and over in school that new grads never get in and it would be a waste of time to precept in psych rather than med-surg but I followed my heart and my interest, worked my butt of during my preceptorship and I landed a great job right after receiving my RN license at an inpatient psych facility. Keep yourself to open to all experiances, follow your instincts and enjoy the ride!
  12. PsychRN-Kris

    Keeping Yourself Safe

    As a newbie to the field, I'm interested in tips on maintaining one's own safety when working with patients. I know to be aware of what's going on around me at all times, to always keep a clear path to the door, to watch behind me (had patient following me trying to get into secure locked areas last week!), not to wear anything around my neck, not to enter a room of high risk patient alone and to of course use a calm tone of voice when de-escalating a patient. What other tips do some of you have?
  13. PsychRN-Kris


    Thank you for the "Welcomes". I precepted in Psych my last part of school, so just a "tiny" bit of experiance (very tiny I'm sure!)....I'm definately keeping my eyes open and taking it all in.
  14. PsychRN-Kris


    Just a "Hello" to introduce myself. I'm a new graduate RN who just landed a job in the nursing field I've always dreamed of working in. I've just started work at an involuntary inpatient psychiatric facility and am loving every second of it so far....although lots to learn! I'm looking forward to learning from this forum of great nurses. :) :)

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