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IV Therapy, ICU, CCU, Telemetry, Peds
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Cored42 specializes in IV Therapy, ICU, CCU, Telemetry, Peds.

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  1. Cored42

    Drawing Labs from a New Start??

    Our supervisor came to the office the other day and said we can no longer draw any labs from any IV start that we do. She said this was a lab directive because it hemolyzes the blood. We were latter told that it is because the draw hurts the veins. Lab nor anyother department knows about this. We are the IV Team and we were never consulted about this (our supervisor has little understanding of IVs). We understand the possiblitiy of problems with vaccuntainers and aggressive withdrawl from the catheter on the vein and hemolyzation. Has anyone else heard anything new?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Cored42

    Continuous Subq Infusion help

    That is what we have done so far but we aer looking for something htat might be better. Ron in Illinois
  3. Cored42

    Continuous Subq Infusion help

    We have a new Hospice/Pallative care physician in the area. She is ordering subq infusions for some of her pain meds. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for brand of subcutaneous needle/set to use? Ron in Illinois
  4. We have a Palliative Care physician new to our area who is begining to order continuous subcutaneous infusions. Any suggetions/recommendations on brand of needle to explore? Any help would be appreciated. Ron from Illinois