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  1. I can't find online where you have to go in Massachusetts to take this exam. I asked on the FB page also. If anyone has any info. I am trying to find something closer than Boston.
  2. MickyB-RN

    Study guide for NLN Nutrition exam?

    Anyone? also where are the NLN Nutrition exams taken?
  3. MickyB-RN

    Study guide for NLN Nutrition exam?

    What study guides did others use for this exam? Anybody use the Nutrition made incredibly easy book? tia for any info
  4. MickyB-RN

    RN TO BSN looking for community volunteer ideas

    How about a nonprofit agency in your area? The nurses tend to work in the communities. hth's
  5. MickyB-RN

    I need a 4 credit pharmacology online course

    I am a student at UofWy too. Don't they offer a 4 credit Pharmacology course? I believe it is part of my curriculum. hth's
  6. MickyB-RN

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    Thanks! I am going to contact the advisor. What classes are you taking this fall? It would be great to have another student to "talk" with. :) I also (when researching) have read that UW is a good school.
  7. MickyB-RN

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    this is encouraging to read. :)
  8. MickyB-RN

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    No. I have seen the classes needed to get the degree but not the classes that I need after a review of my transcripts. I still don't know all the classes accepted or not accepted and with classes beginning so soon I took this as not a good sign. I don't want to begin something, pay for it and not be able to finish. I asked/emailed for this information twice already and have not received an answer. I hope you have good luck with the program. You'll have to update me on your experiences.
  9. MickyB-RN

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    I was accepted and weeks ago sent an email to ---- because I still don't have a final list of classes I even need to take and so I have no clue what to even sign up for, when to sign up or my final transcript review. The lack of communication is actually making me nervous to send money if they don't return emails I was all excited to go back to school but this is really making me nervous. *sigh
  10. I know. It's hard though without experiences from others. Many here seem to go to Chamberlain (I think it is) and love it but I honestly don't know if I could afford their tuition, wish I could with all the glowing reviews. I went with another online school, was accepted and classes are starting this month but I haven't heard anything about my final transcript review or about which classes I need so I am becoming leary due to lack of communication and looking around again. *sigh
  11. They are accredited by the nlnac. Do they have the other accreditation? ccne?
  12. I was reading their site and it says an additional $290 each trimester on top of the $300/credit? seems like that could really add up quick.
  13. I am also curious. I have to change to another school, I'm no longer comfortable with the school I was accepted to, lack of communication makes me nervous.
  14. MickyB-RN

    Has anyone attended the University of Wyoming?

    I was accepted here and am getting a bit discouraged as the commuication has not been good here either. Anyone with good experiences?
  15. MickyB-RN

    Cheapest online RN-BSN

    Well help paying is always great! that's awesome. Unfortunately, I am paying out of pocket.