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    Inappropriate nurses?

    Having been a float nurse and a travel nurse for many years, I have found out this.......my attitude is what causes me to be able to survive and thrive on any given unit. There will always be nurses that will try to provoke in whatever way, but if I was to provoke back, my shift would be miserable. I have found that if I just smile and be friendly and let them know I am there to help, by the end of the shift I am one of them and they are inviting me back. Why would you want to become the very problem that you are venting about? If you have been a nurse any length of time, you should know stresses are high and not everyone responds to you with peaches and cream. If this is something that bothers you so much that you have to go to management with it, maybe float nursing is not for you. And heaven forbid, don't ever become a travel nurse! Please take this as constructive advise and not as an attack. Sometimes we have to look to ourselves for change.
  2. rnvw56

    Are older nurses being forced out of the profession?

    Just be patient and don't hesitate to take something you may not particularly like in the meantime. I graduated in 1994 and the hospital I went to school through told all us to look somewhere else. There were over 100 in our class. Nursing goes up and goes down in cycles it seems like. I took a job in a nursing home for the interim. The "older nurses" told me to be patient. I was and now have been nursing for 16 years. I have worked in lots of different areas and count them all as good experience. Vickie