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    need some guidance and advice

    First off, Id like to say hello. Im looking for some advice or guidance if anyone could help me out. Im a medical assistant here in Georgia, along with having my CNA license. I have a set goal in mind on what I want to do in life, and thats become an RN, then do my BSN, and then do my masters in midwifery to become a CNM. Im in the process of moving to California to be with my family, and im actually stuck. Ive done so much research here, and on school sites, along with reading other peoples advices for their own situations, and im stuck to the point that it is actually giving me a headache. I originally wanted to do the Edukan thing for my prerequisite and general education classes, but I really dont have the budget for it right now (single mother with bills and a full time job.) I wanted to use financial aid to go through school, but at the same time, i dont have the schedule to actually sit through class for the prerequisites. I have the nursing part covered when I get there, but not these courses. Im really lost at what to do. I wanted to see about doing the LPN program first, then work and try to save up money so that I can do the RN program online, but thats another hassle, because California doesnt except any of these programs that ive found through this site. so here are some questions. 1. what do you think is the best way to go given the circumstances? 2.If I took online classes through some other school who offered what I needed, and used their financial aid, after I was finished, could I go somewhere else and use their financial aid for the ADN bridge, or even the LPN-BSN program? I know this subject has been exhausted so many times, but im so exhausted and frustrated because I want to get started, im ready to help people, im ready to get my goal in the process. I cant wait around for something to come to me, I have to do it on my own. I was thinking about doing an LPN program at an adult school seeing how its only 2000, compared to what those private career programs want, which was 20 grand.Then I could get my LPN license, and then use financial aid to attend an LPN-RN bridge. I dont have very much money, so I cant afford to not choose the right path. I know what I want to do, but its just finding a way to get to that point.