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    new -helpful abbreviations?

    When first entering this profession, it seems like foreign language when reading orders and reports.....there are many helpful sites online with lists of the most commonly used abbreviations...but honestly, in my expierence the repetition of constantly using this medical jargon is what helps best.....one thing to make sure you consider are "Legal Abbreviations" because this is what will save you in court one day if that were ever to happen. For example, in my facility we used to chart morphine sulfate as mso4, but legally we can no longer do that...and ml and cc although the same, we are not allowed to use cc because it is frequently mistaken for other words.....We have lists in our nursing policy&procedures book of commonly used and accepted abbreivations.... Never be afraid to ask a doc or another nurse if you cant figure it out! we have all been there! I still get the eyes mixed up....good thing i work with hearts! lol
  2. dcbg

    how many break(s) in your 12 hrs. shift?

    well, sometimes you are lucky to get a break.....it can be very overwhelming.....I think a joke i once heard is appropriate for this question.... A WOMAN WAS FOUND DEAD ON THE SHORE LINE OF A BEACH, THE CORONER CAME TO EVELUATE THE CASE, AND ALTHOUGH THE WOMAN WAS DECAPITATED, THE CORONER SAYS TO HIS ASSISTANT "WELL AT LEAST I KNOW IT WAS A NURSE.." THE ASSISTANT SAYS BACK TO THE CORONER "HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, SHE HAS NO ID, NO UNIFORM ON THAT WOULD LEAD ME TO BELIEVE SHE WAS A NURSE" TO THIS THE CORONER REPLIES "3 THINGS TELL ME SHE'S A NURSE....HER STOMACH IS EMPTY, HER BLADDER IS FULL, AND HER ASS IS CHEWED OUT" lol seriously though, on 12 hr shifts where i work you get 3 15 min breaks, and 1 30min lunch....good luck to you!