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madambutterfly has 2 years experience and specializes in Cognitive Impairement, Psych.

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  1. madambutterfly

    should I take Jail Job?

    i have an update! :balloons: i just got the call back from fcf. i got the rn job! i start on august 31 at 8:00 am. i just gave my job my resignation but i plann to keep working until august 29 th. i am so excited!!!! any advice since i will be the new kid on the block. please share good and bad experiences. thanks for all your support.:spin:
  2. madambutterfly

    Excelsior College (Online Nursing School)?

    I have taken 1 class so far and I love it. My schedule makes it very hard for me to go to "regular" school. I am enrolled in the RN_BSN program. I heard about it from an instructor of mine when I was in nursing school. She got her degree that way! You have to be focused but you have to do that no matter what school you go to and the payment plan is affordable.
  3. madambutterfly

    should I take Jail Job?

    I have been working psych since I graduated 2 years ago. I love psych but I am unhappy at my current job. I applied for a jail that is very close to myhouse and I just got called back. They want to hire me. I am going to take the job but I have never been in jail before, I mean other than the interview and the "walk through" of the medical building I don't know anything about jail. Is my psych experience enough? I must admit I am afraid but I also think it will be a great experience. My mother worked corrections as a counselor for a few years after she retired from NYPD and she told all of these facinating stories. I am not a loud, aggressive person. I am actually quiet and to myself. Will I survive doing time? Should I look for work elsewhere? In your experience have yo seen nurses who don;t do well in jail??
  4. madambutterfly

    New Here!

    Hi All, I am new to this site so here's a little about me: I am an RN with an AD. I graduated 2 years ago and since then I have been working with the federal governemnt. I work in a hospital with Patients who have a Cognitive Disorder (Dementia, AD, etc) who are also diagnosed with a psychiatric ilness (schiz, personality disorders, mood, disorders, etc). I recently applied to work in a correctional facility near my home. I wanted to be close to home for my kids and I am unhappy where I am now. Its a place where there is the good ol' boys club. They are not too fond of new young nurses. Well, I just got a call back from the correctional facility and they want to hire me. Anyone have any experience in corrections? Any help wpould be great.