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    He was dead on arrival, shot in the heart. That was my first real trauma ... pretty much worse thing ever. and I definitely want to learn from what was going on. I think we could have done the thoracotomy sooner and gotten more blood to him sooner. He was 17 so I'd like to come out thinking we did everything perfect and he still died. We didnt do it perfectly. Our hospital's location is closer to the violence that happens with guns and stabbings, the trauma hospital is farther and in the upscale neighborhood... seems backwards like we should have a trauma team also.
  2. kelzerize


    Also, can I ask how many units of blood are at your fingertips for a GSW? We put in a chest tube and out came 4L, so I know what our doc ordered was not right either.
  3. kelzerize


    Yea that is what I figured! I will surely remember that and tell everyone that was there. Thank you!!!!!!!
  4. kelzerize

    Feeling guilty ALL the time

    You did everything right, don't be hard on yourself when your patient crashes. You are not the provider either so don't try and run the show either its just a matter of watching out for your patient and do what you were trained. Sounds like you did exactly what you were trained to do.
  5. kelzerize


    We're not a trauma hospital but we got a GSW that was DOA basically. I asked if we can give blood products theough the IO but it was said no. We waited several minutes for the doc to get the femoral line. Should we have given blood through the IO?
  6. kelzerize

    Applying to USAF

    Hi there. i graduate in December, just started the process as well. Recruiters can't guarantee anything. Thats all i know :-/ Keep a positive attitude and hope for the best despite any discouraging words you will hear.

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