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ICU,Acute Care, LTACH, Post Op /Recovery
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TheNurseMan has 14 years experience and specializes in ICU,Acute Care, LTACH, Post Op /Recovery.

Cardiovascular, ICU, Acute Care, LTACH, Post Op /Recovery, Med/Surg. I have had some pretty exceptional opportunities as an LPN. I am very grateful for the path I've been fortunate enough to receive.

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    So overwhelmed

    Hey There, Yes, it is a normal feeling. I would be more worried about you if you didn't have concerns. Absorb as much as you can, tackle one thing at a time, and be contented with what you have accomplished. Though it is important to achieve the best grade possible, the fact of the matter is you will do well on some things and not so well on others. It is imperative you focus on the hurdle ahead and not on the one "behind" you. If you gave it the best you had, be happy and move on, remembering that test grades do NOT determine the type of nurse you will be!! Your true education begins at graduation, and your concern early on is an indicator to me that you will be just fine...... "Fear looks back.....Worry looks around......Faith looks forward......" You are a warrior.............Go Get'em.............
  2. TheNurseMan

    One more old guy headed to LPN school

    Congratulations! I think you will be amazed at what you bring to the table. Your life experience has afforded you skills that young nurses have yet to realize in their own lives. You have a more advanced understanding of the world that will be most beneficial in your professional career. I too waited to attend nursing school until later in life, and must say I am glad I did. Best of Luck Old Man!!