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  1. I am also new in the OR but I find that my co-workers are very supportive and very much willing to share their knowledge and expertise in "young OR nurse" like me. They are not eating me, they are molding me. With regards to the surgeons, generally, they are great to work with, sometimes I hear some of them saying not too good words but its not directed to the nurses nor to anybody else, it's just that they are under pressure especially with difficult cases.
  2. rudyann

    on time for the or

    In the hospital where I am working, they really want to start the surgery on time and I believe most of the hospitals does. In case of delay which most of the times it happens, we have to document the cause of the delay. We are comfortable in doing this because documentation is an important part in patient's care and also for future reference.
  3. rudyann

    Need your opinion pls

    Hello everybody!!!! May I ask if you had notice any negative behaviours in your setting as far as perioperative nurses are concern? How did you made them into positive behaviours? I am sort of gathering opinions coz' I need this for my paper. Thanks... ann
  4. rudyann

    OR clinical practicum

    I am on my clinical practicum for the RN-OR course and as part of the requirements, I have to write an article regarding the importance of registered nurse in the OR. Please give me your opinion about this. Thanks. Anne