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  1. correctionsMA

    Is anybody hiring out there????

    If you are interested in corrections I know they hire new grads. At least worth going for an interview to see if you would be interested, you either love it or hate it for the most part, good way to get in the first years of experience without struggling to find a job. UMass Correctional Health employs all the nurses in state prison system, their openings are on this job board. http://www.jobs-umassmed.org/umm/jobboard/ better than the data processing job offer mentioned above!
  2. correctionsMA

    Does Umass memorial hire new grads.....

    UMass Correctional Health hires new grads, but Correctional nursing is a far cry from L & D. There is a women's prison however, MCI-Framingham that may be more up your alley?
  3. correctionsMA

    Anyone work in MASS prisons??

    I work for UMass and may be able to send you some info if you need it?
  4. correctionsMA

    Anyone work in MASS prisons??

    I work for UMass Correctional Health and can hopefully answer some of your questions if you haven't gotten them answered yet :spin: