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  1. naja

    On-line RN-BSN or MSN programs

    Hi Kitty RN712 I have the same question. I am an associate degree RN with a baccalaureate in business management, I would like to bridge to a Masters program.
  2. naja

    New grad just got fired

    Wow, lots of good advise from all of our fellow nurses. I have been a preceptor for many years. I have worked with very prepared new grads, and some that should have repeated their last semester of clinicals, but I always felt it was my duty to be up front with my orientee. It sounds like something is being left out of your scenerio. Like the previous advise, you need to ask for an exit interview with all invlolved and ask them where your skills were deficient, how could you have made a difference, and why weren't you informed earlier on in your orientation. Being a new grad is so intimidating, so overwhelming, a good preceptor can get you through the toughest assignments and help you overcome your shortcomings. Re-evaluation of yourself and your past experience could help you gain more confidence to go out and be the best nurse you could be, please pick your head up and learn from this experience.
  3. Depending on the program, a medical assistant is taught a variety of skills. I'm currently an instructor in a MA program and the program is very well rounded, including clinical skills, phlebotomy, ekg, ethics and law, pharmacology, medical terminology, office administration and so on. There are many differences when you place an RN curriculum and a MA curiculum side by side. The RN has extensive Anatomy and Physiology, and specific training in most specialties. The Rn is taught critical thinking, prioritization, and organzational skills in order to facilitate the patients safe return to homeostasis. The nursing process is the tool we use to care for each patient. The medical assistant is only taught the raw skills for the ambulatory patient. I am a former Certified Medical Assistant and now a Registered nurse and if I was to calculate a placement for the MA I would put them between the CNA and the LPN. In our nursing shortage they will fill a void for our already overstressed healthcare system.
  4. naja

    What exactly is a "pinning ceremony"??

    The pinning ceremony is the right of passage from being a "student nurse" to being a graduate nurse. My school had a separate pinning and graduation from the college. Your pin represents the program or college you attendend. I found it to be very emotional and beautiful. We were required to wear all white, almost like virgins going out into the world. Remember you are not an actual RN until you take the beloved NCLEX.
  5. naja

    ADN to BSN Question

    I'm cofused, are you a grad of a nursing program? It is my understanding that you need to have graduated fromn some sort of program, college in order to apply to be seated to take this test.
  6. naja

    The War with the Floors

    At our community hospital bed control calls with the bed assignment, then ER call to tell us they are tubing report and then the patient arrives approximately 15 minutes later.
  7. naja


    Absolutely, you will need it if and when you ever want to do ER or critical care. Just keep up with the recerts