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  1. biemaibaby

    To all foriegn Nurses.Waiting for retro. to be lift up.

    Lord Hear Our Prayer... AMEN!
  2. i pity for those who passed the NLE june 2006 with regards to the decision of the CGFNS. My only suggestions for them is to file for another application to take the local board exam again. I turly disagree with the pronounced statement i saw in the television that Visa screen is not very improtant since passing the nclex is the only way in going to the U.S. VSC is the sole key to migrate to the US including the Nclex. So, Taking the boards again is the only way for you guys to work in the US. Do your best again and take the exam, with enough knowledge and confidence, you will surely pass again. Thanks.
  3. biemaibaby

    Putting rumors to sleep

    IS there any new news about the retrogression?? i just had my application with the USCIS, and im really worried that i will spend a lot more years here in PI due to the retro. will anyone update me about this? thanks a lot!