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  1. libirdee

    How Many School Nurses out there ???

    Our school district (county) hired school aides to work the clinics and assigned 1 RN to supervise 4-5 schools; the nurse usually visited each school one day per week and carried a pager. They had "support staff" benefits but these were less than those of the teachers, and the nurses did not always get the yearly raises. Teachers also received many bonuses, such as family passes to amusement parks, discounts at book stores, etc. I was hired by a public school who wanted "their own" nurse full time, so they paid me at the same rate as the district/county nurses. I had the same benefits as the school support staff, but again, the teachers were given better bonuses and incentives. The district nurse checked on me a couple of times when I started, but I was the only licensed nurse he had to "supervise", so we developed an understanding that I would call if I needed him. He was always very helpful when I did call, but he did not feel the need to hover over me and could spend more time with his other schools. It was nice to be at the same school everyday...you developed rapport with the teachers and got to know the kids and their "issues"...and it was alot more of "real" nursing than just having one day/week to check on a school and do mostly paperwork. I understand that this year the district/county budget is even less for nurses, so they are contracting with the health dept to provide nurses to monitor the schools. Some of my friends resigned from the district to work at the health dept...better pay and benefits to do the same job.
  2. libirdee

    IEP planning notes

    I was a contract nurse for a special ed school but did not have any students requiring invasive procedures. Recently, administration insisted that I write planning notes prior to IEP meetings, documenting the need to see certain students on a daily or weekly basis so they would qualify for more funding (ex. having a student who had been seizure-free w/medication for 6 months begin to "check-in" at the clinic daily, even thought the parent objected and there was no Rx). I refused, documenting my observations with supporting data. This happened on several occasions, and I eventually resigned because I felt it was fraud. The principal told people I was a disgruntled employee, even though my evaluations for 4 years had been excellent. I have been reluctant to use him for a reference, but I do not wish to go into details and appear to be bashing. Did I overreact? I have not been able to get another school nurse job.
  3. libirdee

    I got the job....Now what???

    Hi, I'm also new to GA, was a school nurse in another state for 4 years; have not been able to find a position in my county but would like more info on that CHOA conference. Still feel like there is lots to learn, especially in a new state. Thanks.
  4. libirdee

    How Many School Nurses out there ???

    4 years in FL, but have just moved to GA...not able to get my foot in the door yet