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    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    I once had a female patient ring the call bell and announce very loudly "Yes, theres a squirrel on my bed and it's a mangy one too" Well we all cracked up and went to check. There was no squirrel and the Doctor came a little while later and said she told him she saw birds flying over her bed curtain. He told me she was Dig toxic and that it would go away. It did. She was a very nice lady when she got leveled out and I never told her what she said. We had quite a laugh though! We still talk about it till this day. :chuckle
  2. dschuch

    Reasonably priced LPN School in Northern NJ?

    sussex county community college has a great program and not too expensive. We get clinical students from them and have hired alot post graduation.