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blue_red23 has 7 years experience and specializes in critical care.

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    Poll: Does your unit use Bactroban for MRSA colonization?

    in our unit, critical care adult, once a patient diagnosed with mrsa, depending what kind of strain they have either mrsa15 or mrsa 16.we treat mrsa 16 vigorously, we use bactroban for the nose and pure hydrex solution for the skin until the pt is clear from mrsa.also, the microbiologist will prescribe vancomycin. mrsa 15 is a normal strain everyone can have it without knowing it.
  2. standard of living in the UK is high compared to US.However, quality of life in the UK is better compared to US. Less stressful, more annual leaves(it means for time for yourself and family if u got kids).
  3. As an ICU nurse here in the UK for 5 years, I guess we are more independent in terms of patient wholistic care. We do everything from ventilators to CVVH.We are very important part of multidisciplinary team.We need to act/think quickly to every changes the patients manifest.We get more annual leaves here.
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    hello from england!!!

    thank you, indeed!
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    hello from england!!!

    hello everybody!!!