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shebbie has 10 years experience and specializes in ob.

wife, mother of 2

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  1. What equip is needed for monitoring during hydrotherapy?
  2. shebbie

    Are you forced to get Immunizations?

    my employer has never made it mandatory but this year they did apply a little more pressure. if you are off work with the flu and took the flu shot you will get your sick pay back.
  3. shebbie

    Cheat sheets

    nice tools
  4. Had a pt a few weeks ago name her baby STARFIRE ROSE, we all thought it sounded more like a horse's name
  5. shebbie

    What do you start IVs with in your OB unit?

    We too require 18g on all our laboring pt's just in case they should have to go to surgery or need blood. But with a hard stick we will sometimes use a 20g. No extention set-surgery says they cannot bolus through them?? We do just fine. We are always short on infusion pumps so we use dial-a-flows on everyone.
  6. shebbie


    Do you have set visiting hours? Is the number of visitors limited? if so, how do you control this? Do you have locked doors??
  7. shebbie

    Circulating c-sections

    what staff attend the c sections and what are their duties? Does a RN come from the nursery to care for the baby? Where and who preps the pt? Does she go to a PACU and who does the recovery and for how long?
  8. shebbie

    Circulating c-sections

    :confused:We are wanting to start to circulate our own c sections. For those of you out there who already do this could you give any input on how to start the process? How your facilities work the whole process? who is responsible for what? Did your whole staff train or just teams? Does your staff take call and do all the stat sections as well or does OR cover? Any and all input / advise would be appreciated.
  9. shebbie

    jacuzzi use during labor

    Our Drs are the ones who are really pushing for the jucuzzi's. It seem if it is up to them we will be using them. They say ROM is not a contraindicator for use. As far as the cleaning goes, the ones we are getting are medical grade and do not allow the water to circulate into the jets somehow. That was a concern of ours also. Our staff is somewhat apprehensive about using them but we just need to establish some guidelines and I think we will be ok. I know a hot shower really seems to help relax alot women. I dont know how many times I have had a pt in the shower at 2-4 cm and came out 7-8cm an hour later.
  10. shebbie

    jacuzzi use during labor

    Does anyone out there use jacuzzis for pain management during labor? If so, what is your hospitals policies reguarding its use? We will be moving into a new facility in late summer equiped with jacuzzis and no one on staff has worked in a facility that has used them before. We are in the process of writing policies at this time and would appreciate any input you all could give.
  11. shebbie

    What's your favorite pair of nursing shoes?

    I've been wearing Easy Spirits for years, I've tried nearly every brand out there and find myself coming back to my old faithfull Easy Spirits. They may not be the best looking shoe on the market but they are by far the most comfortable at the end of a 12 hour shift. They are graded #1, 2 or 3. To work in you need a least a grade 2 but I prefer a #3.
  12. shebbie

    OB TraceVue and Meditech

    we use obtv for l&d charting currently and paper for pp and newborn charting. we love obtv as it is and are very excited that we are in the process of upgrading our obtv systen to include the pp and newborn charting compontents. we previously charted with meditech and i agree--what a headache!! i am system manager of our obtv system and have been working on configuration of the upgrade and obtv is much more user friendly than meditec. we still use meditec as our main hosp system for admissions and labs and such and you can get an adt link between meditec and obtv to communicate between the two. maybe it's time to look into an upgrade?
  13. shebbie

    Specialty Pay for Ob Nurses

    Does Your Hospital Pay Specialty Pay For Ob Nurses?
  14. shebbie

    Does your facility use PBDS testing?

    I Work For A Chi Hospital, Yes We Have Just Implimented Pbds Testing For Ob Nurses Last Year. We Will Be Tested Yearly. We Also Use It For New Hires.
  15. Cara Vann And Mini Vann Siblings, We Talked Mom Out Of Chevy Vann
  16. shebbie

    Specialty Pay for Ob Nurses

    I work in a small hosp in ky and we receive no specialty diff. we are curious to know if other hosp pay specialty diff and if so how much.