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  1. Cardizem_4_Afib

    New Jersey has made changes

    Healthcare Profession & Science Course-By-Course as per Ms Marero - NJ BON representative. I have confirmed this by calling them.
  2. Cardizem_4_Afib

    New Jersey has made changes

    I have confirmed this issue myslef by calling the NJ BON and I spoke to one of their representative. CGFNS eexam is no longer required in this state. The only thing you need to do is fill up the CES from CGFNS and comply to all the requirements, and if your credentials qualify to sit for the NCLEX then you're squared away!
  3. Cardizem_4_Afib

    Hello Nurses!

    Hi Im Cardizem_4_Afib. Im an RN in NJ working in Telemetry. Nice to be a part of this forum.