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  1. I think what cat123 is trying to say is if you label a patient childish and manipulative they aren't going to be treated well by staff. The dif between theory and practice is that humans aren't perfect. Your theory may be beautiful and scientific but the huamans are the one's who practice it. I recently got contact lenses for astigmatism and had to go through several pairs. This is not my fault but I could overhear the doctor and optician making rude comments. In theory doctors and other health prof are suppose to be professional and caring but in practice they are human. Can rn/writer honestly say in all their years of nursing they have never heard a co hort make a rude comment about a borderline personality disorder patient (due to the fact that this patient is seen as childish and manipulative)?
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    excelsior msn program

    has anybody done the excelsior msn program? how was it?