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Theogift specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Theogift

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    I have filed my right thumb nail into a tool to open the individually packed meds that JUST WILL NOT PEEL OPEN, make sure you scan them first
  2. Theogift

    When will they change the name???

    I love saying "Good morning, my name is Ted I'll be your nurse today"
  3. Theogift

    Question for LPN/LVNS

    My favorite is when my patient gives me a very sincere "thank you" and tells me that I did a great job today. Least favorite is when I get attitude from the RN covering me and make comments like "Why do we even have LPNs working here if they can't push IV meds. Hello, if there weren't LPNs working here you would have six or seven patients everyday instead of four.
  4. Theogift

    interview shoes

    I wore my red converse Chuck Taylor all star high tops when interviewed for five different positions at a local hospital. I got four offers.
  5. Theogift

    Curious female here! :)

    I was a medic in the Air Force twenty years ago, when I got out I bounced around from job to job mostly different areas of construction. Then things changed when a large heavy wall fell on my head, everyone on the job thought I was dead. After a long ride in the ambulance and a head CT I realized that I could be giving the kind of care I had received, so I started taking prereqs tow months later. I just got my first nursing job and I couldn't be happier.
  6. Theogift

    Roll Call

    Hi, Theodore here, 43 y/o just received my LPN II in Pueblo and started the ADN program last month.
  7. Theogift

    Guys what made you chooose nursing

    Some of my fellow construction workers did until I told them I was one of two men in a class of twenty four. Ted
  8. Theogift

    Guys what made you chooose nursing

    I was a medic in the Air Force twenty years ago. Three years ago at my construction job a wall fell on my head, wake up call! I applied to nursing school as soon as I recovered, I start clinicals this week and I am looking forward to having patient contact again after practicing on dummies and my fellow classmates. Ted
  9. Theogift

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    When patrons in the local pub offer to buy you a beer if you would take their BP, and when you get the cuff suddenly you have ten people making the same offer.
  10. Theogift

    All You Lefty's Out there....

    I write and eat left handed, but do just about everything else right handed and a lot of the nursing skills I've checked off on lately I have been practicing to do with either, I think that will come in handy depending on which side of the pt I am on or which side is affected.
  11. Theogift

    Having hard time with Pre-Reqs

    A&P I worse than trying to learn a foriegn language, it actually is another language and it is all memorization, flash cards, coloring books, outlines, drawing, models, halloween skeletons hanging on your wall, it all ands up to a working knowledge. Ted
  12. Theogift

    Good evening,

    Hello to all, My name is Ted, I'm fourty two y/o, and after looking over this site, I like it better than the nursing groups on myspace. I was a medic in the Air Force, had I stayed in I could have retired three years ago, but since I didn't like the control of military life I spent the last eighteen years bouncing around. I moved to Colorado seven years ago and got a construction job mainly to learn how to build my own house, which I did. No other employment opertunities in this small town paid as well so I kept pounding nails. After a wall fell on my head:trout: I woke up with the notion that I really don't want to do this any more. I had allways liked the medical field so I thought nursing was the way to go. I'm in my second semester at Pueblo Community College ADN program and I must say it feels right. I start my first real clinicals next weekend (first semester clinicals were at a nursing home where we were just helping the CNAs I think just to get some pt contact time). My AF experience has helped tremendously, top of my class, especially with the skills check-offs. Ted