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  1. GrummRN

    Anyone pushing 50 and a recent grad??

    I will be 54 on the 3rd of Sept. Graduated in May 06 with my BSN (2nd degree); still have lots to learn, but not doing bad. When I did my preceptorship in Spring, the hospital offered me a PRN job (already had another job lined up). I do both and love them both!
  2. GrummRN

    HESI Exam Poll (Please Respond)

    Auburn University Montgomery in Montgomery, Alabama requires that you pass the HESI Exit Exam with a score of 850. You have 3 attempts and if you do not pass, you cannot graduate. The only thing that is bad is that the third attempt is a week before graduation. I passed on my second attempt.
  3. GrummRN

    Feeling stupid...

    Sabrina, I am reacting just like you; can't sleep the night before; is it the unknown of the day coming? Who knows. I have a great coach (that is what they are called at my hospital). She says I am doing fine. But so uptight still about getting my meds to my patients on time (from clinicals) and doing "what is right." I think about protecting my license constantly. Must be a new grad thing. I feel like it will get better as time goes on, but for the moment, it is "scary."
  4. GrummRN

    Irrational Fears of a Nursing Student

    If it makes you feel any better, I am a new grad (second degree - teacher). I am 53 yo. While in my preceptorship, the hospital I was in, offered me a job and even tried to buy out my scholarship with another hospital. I am in cardiac stepdown at my scholarship hospital and working PRN at the hospital where I preceptored. Age is not relevant at this point in my life. Good luck with your career choice.
  5. Amen, amen and amen!!! I felt like I knew one answer on the test, felt like an absolute failure and why did I waste money and time in nursing school....3 days later, I was an RN!!! Still pinching myself....
  6. GrummRN

    NCLEX practice questions per day?

    Don't overdo the questions. 25 q day should be your limit. Saunders 3rd edition cd and read the Kaplan book -- really helps you take the boards. Stay calm as you can. And if you are like the rest of us that have taken the boards, you will still fill inadequate. Good luck!
  7. GrummRN

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    :typing 1. how many questions did you take on nclex? 76 questions and i passed 7/1/06. 2. what study materials did you use? did you take a test review course? saunders 3rd edition book and cd; also went to sylvia rayfield's nclex review 3. did your son offer any testing (eri, ati, hesi)? we were given a hesi test each semester during nursing school; had to pass an exit hesi to graduate. 4. how long did you wait for results of the test, or are you still waiting? i found out in 72 hours on my board of nursing. 5. what were your thoughts coming out of the test (total disbelief, certainty you had failed, confident you had passed)? i just knew i had failed it; stress and disappointment 6. was this your first attempt at nclex? yes, and glad it is my last....