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Doing Pre-Reqs Right Now!

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  1. Queenlizo

    Anyone had a septoplasty?

    Hi, I had septoplasty about 13 years ago. I had major sinus infections before it, and afterwards, have had far, far fewer of them. They had to shave off some bone, but did not use any type of plastic. I had my nose stuffed with cotton overnight- went back the next morning, and they took it out. Recovery wasn't too bad- Vicoden and in bed for a week (I might have milked the in bed part, though- I stayed at my mom's and was pampered!) All in all, I'm so glad that I had it done- I feel so much better now. Liz
  2. Queenlizo

    Fifty Ways to Leave Your....

    Oh, wow. That is seriously unbelievable. I can't believe that the instructor didn't go to you personally first; talk about passive-agressive. Geez. That is so unprofessional. If I were you, I would take her aside and ask that she talk to you directly. Although, that might get you written up again. Liz R Not even in nursing school yet! Doing pre-reqs.
  3. Queenlizo

    Opinion on Loma Linda?

    Hi- I was thinking about going to Loma Linda for nursing, but was turned off by the nclex pass rates. It looks like all of the community colleges in the area have much better pass rates than Loma Linda. So, it looks like I'm going the community college way, and then get my BSN when I start working as an RN. I don't know much about the nursing program, but I used to work at Loma Linda University for years. Not much help to your original question! :monkeydance: Liz