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looking to be a nurse massage therapist(use swedish/deep tissue-4 non elderly

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  1. to any/all that will apply please pass on any/all networking ideas on how to/who by create-connect-contact with, over how to this CMT with basic nursing and rehab backround can help herself out of dis-ease that seems to present itself in this field! i live the bay area of cali. thanks janne(nursinwhatigot) miracles definately accepted!!
  2. nursinwhatigot

    how useful is it to obtain membership of NANMT?

    thanks ken, nursinwhatigot
  3. hey everyone i'm nursinwhatigot and am i flabberghasted! it seems like no one knows what one can do with a cross skill backround in nursing and massage therapy, so i am fishing amongst you to relay message back to me about how to use NANMT(nat'l assoc. of nursing massage therapists) as guide, through you're possibly being member already of the org, to learn from you and they both-at how to get going in the specialty. also, what will having membership with NANMT do to candidate into slot fill of job opportunities-anyone, anyone? my backround is CMT(735 hours-95 of them clinical/hands-on, so i surely will need more clinical hours(?) to hook up for membership join myself(if it will prove more useful, than not to join them) with just a wrap up of doing CNA/RNA/HHA rna=rehab aide/hha=home health aide course(s). i'm looking foward to using these skills of nursing and massage in post acute, allied health and private drs offices x northern bay area california, as well the grow of my own client base-for add to, or new/separate session seen (for) energy work, and last but not least add to that-some gismos and gadgets that can round up on & upon-good, multiple streams of incomes for living, i get upto can u help me please?bless you incessantly for you answers! thank you, janne(nursinwhatigot)