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  1. lucyallsamlpn

    Date MD's??

    I have to say yeah and nay! I date al doc and have been for going on a year now. it works for us b/c i understand about call and latenights/earliier mornings.No one treats me any different except believe it or not i am more respected by the other docs. and when they have a need or conflict they come to me most of the time for help. but dont think its a dream relationship, growing a practice and not getting very many vacations is hard. so if u r not 2 needy then go for it, but if u need someone 24/7 dont.
  2. lucyallsamlpn

    Moving to Tn and have many ?????????/

    hello, and welcome, i am an lpn that works in jackson, tn, about 45 min from memphis, i work for regional hospital of jackson as prn and through a staffing agency at jmcgh, i can tell you that there are plenty of opp. out there with various pay, let me know what ur intrested in doing(specialty) and ill try to help out!!! god luck!!!:balloons: