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  1. onco_nurse

    I love night shift!!!!!

    this is a response to chippydoll. please refer to my posting, just above yours. there are several tips in this posting for helping you to get the sleep you need. good luck! vbmenu_register("postmenu_1827670", true);
  2. onco_nurse

    New Nurse feeling overwhelmed!

    I can relate to your feelings of inadequacy. I have been a nurse for seven years; but I'm an older nurse as this is my second career, having done officework for decades! I started out on telemetry, moved to ICU, and just this past October, transferred to oncology. I have a comfort level in oncology that I've never experienced on any other unit; probably because I am older and can relate with my patients better. However, I am only just now realizing a feeling of true competence and comfort in my work. I know that I must keep learning, and I enjoy taking courses, but I didn't believe I would ever feel as comfortable and competent as I do at this time. Stick with it; it will come to you as well...as long as you love nursing and what you are doing.
  3. onco_nurse

    I love night shift!!!!!

    I, too, love the night shift, but due to increasing age, was considering moving to days. We do the three 12-hr nights per week at the hospital where I work. Recently I became aware of the benefit of taking melatonin when I lie down to sleep during the day. Normally, your brain takes three hours to produce melatonin (for a deep restful sleep); this way I have it in my system right away. For your brain to produce melatonin, it requires darkness, so I wear a mask that covers my eyes and provides me with darkness. I also have a cup of Sleepytime, Sleepytime Plus or other "sleep" tea. Then I put on a favorite CD and my earphones...and go to sleep! Since I've been doing this, I get the sleep I need during the day, and I wake up refreshed and ready to go back to work that night! Only problem I have now is going back to day schedule on my days off.