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  1. bebern

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    pearsonvue trick does work for me, I just found out 30 minutes ago that i passed after taking the exam 3 days ago.. I tried the trick several times after my exam until like an hour ago then checked CA BON to verify my license. whoa! thanks be to God, he never fails me and those who trust Him.:)
  2. bebern

    New Mexico Licensure Question

    as with the new NM requirements, does CES evaluates without a local license?
  3. bebern

    California licensure application

    hi... just reposting my query with regards to my ca bon application..should the bankdrafts, application form, xeroxed diploma, fingerprint cards be sent all together in one envelope in time with the tor & rle sent by my school? what if an application is denied, can i have a refund of the total fee sent to the bon? thanks for your answers...
  4. bebern

    License application help!!!!

    hi everyone.. just a question. should the fingerprint cards, bankdrafts, application form, diploma, letter of explanation be sent alltogether in one envelope just in time as with the tor and rle sent by my school? thanks....
  5. bebern

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    got it! what if I collected them a year ago but has not been able to mail it by then. would there be a chance that my application will be delayed, worst thing be denied?
  6. bebern

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    hi everyone, just got few questions in mind. first, as a first batch of graduates of my nursing school, besides TOR, license/diploma copies, what else should I request at school? second, do the CA BON accept photocopy of the these documents, or have it notarized or certified? thanks!
  7. bebern

    RN Licensure application for california or vermont

  8. bebern

    New Mexico Licensure Question

    got the forms gracey, thanks a bunch!! by the way, do I have so send the $30 charge for the tor evaluation upon sending it for the NM BON evaluation, or just when I'm about to apply for the NCLEX.?
  9. bebern

    New Mexico Licensure Question