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  1. nrenteria

    Last year's syllabus ?

    I think each semester is very individualized, but it doesn't hurt to start reading the chapters.
  2. nrenteria

    My A&P Elephant

    also, i've heard others say to learn the number of vertebra, think if meal times: 7:00- breakfast 12:00 - lunch 5:00 dinner
  3. nrenteria

    What Helped you Survive Care Plans?

    I'm about to enter my 1st semester of Nursing and am terrified :(of doing Nursing Care Plans. I've read all the threads on All Nurses, and would like to know what helped you (anyone) get through successfully. Are there any books I can get to read up on how to do them? Are there any reference books to use for the wording? Thanks! NRenteria
  4. nrenteria

    I need your help Allnurses.

    I vote you take a pottery class. It was my favorite class! There's almost no reading, no homework and throwing clay is very theraputic - relaxing. I still have the pieces I made.
  5. nrenteria

    surg tech

    Algebra was hard for me too. I had to eat, breath, and live it to keep up with class. I found a great teacher by asking fellow classmates who to take to survive a class. Also, look at ratemyprofessors.com to find a good math teacher in your school. The difference in a teachers style can make all the difference in the world. I got out with a B on my 1st attempt, but sweated it all the way through.
  6. nrenteria

    HELP! Bombed the HESI Entrance Test

    Make sure you take a breath and take your time when answering the questions. There isn't a time limit on the test. Just relax and make sure you read all the way through the question before you answer it and move onto the next question. Memorize the fractions. I hate fractions and that's what I did to pass with an overall score of 90 on all sections. Good luck on your next attempt!
  7. nrenteria

    HCA Grow Your Own ADN program

    The HCA program in Las Colinas (LCMC) and Lewisville (LMC) must be different than MCA's because we currently only have classes starting in the Fall semesters. They just successfuly graduated their 1st semester (1st year) students at 100% pass rate! That's encouraging and shows how committed the teachers are at LMC toward their students. :yeah:I'm excited about getting into the program and am just waiting on my acceptance letter and to schedule my interview (June:()
  8. nrenteria

    Failed 3rd time

    265 questions? I think you almost passed! Don't give up. I know 265 must have taken forever to do, but I think the more you do, the more they are trying to pass you. Some people pass with just 75 questions and some pass with much more. Maybe you didn't answer some of the earlier questions right, so it was giving you more opportunity to pass. I think you should muster up the courage to do it again. Just keep going. You passed NS, you know how to study. Maybe try not to stress so much during the test. I'm praying for you...
  9. nrenteria

    HCA Grow Your Own ADN program

    omg if i was told about the getting paid for 8 hours of lecture and only having to work an additional 24 hours to be considered full time, i missed it. that is great! i'm prn at lmc. i just started in housekeeping to get my foot in the door. some days i don't think i can do it, but i"m building endurance physically and enjoy working in the hospital. it's so interesting (i have a non hospital background, so everything is new to me). i'm hoping to get into the fall 09 program with the classes held in lewisville. this is the best option for getting into/thru ns. i can't wait to get my acceptance letter (june:() if there is anything else you can share about the experience, please do so. i'd like to know how you study and prepare for tests. what did you find challenging in your 1st year?, etc. thanks! nrenteria
  10. nrenteria

    HCA Grow Your Own ADN program

    Hey, I've been looking for someone out there w/HCA Grow Your Own. I have all my prereqs finished and am working in housekeeping as Las Colinas. Hoping to start NS August 09. Which hospital are you at and what do you do. I've met a few people who are applying for Fall 09 you may be one of them... What classes do you need to finish to apply? I'm taking a Pharm class just to brush up on it before NS starts and because I'm done w/my prereqs. I have to do a skills check off because my HPRS 1204 class will be more than a year old when I apply in May. Noreen Renteria
  11. nrenteria

    What's for supper...

    Thanks! I'm going to try this one. I suggest using baby carrots instead of large carrots. I don't have to cut them up and that saves me one step.
  12. nrenteria

    Northlake/El Centro Spring 09

    Did you get you letter? I spoke with Patsy last Thursday and she said all the letters went out on 10/15 - whether you got in or not, you got a letter. I got a letter on Thursday - when I got home from work and I did not get in. I've worked through my depression and am OK now with not gettting in. My gpa wasn't high enough. I'll work at getting somewhere for the Fall 09 program. Congratulations and good luck to all who did get in.
  13. nrenteria

    pinning blues

    [quote name=flightnurse2b my idea is this...with over 200 dollars left over... i would like to ask the instructors if it is ok and if they would select a student with extreme financial need who is working really hard and getting good grades and unannounced until our pinning, we will give them a scholarship. i think it is a fair and noble thing to do. [/quote] That sounds like a fantastic idea to me! What a great tradition to start also! You could be the 1st class to help a lower classmate out.
  14. nrenteria

    Finished first care plan-am I on right track?

    Just a comment that was said to me that I'd like to pass along...Check out your community college's continuing education program for a one day class (usually on Sat.) for a class on Care Plans. Just a thought... Good Luck!
  15. nrenteria

    Nursing student and over weight

    Great attitude! I love it!:yeah:Thanks for saying it like it is.