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    Lazy Aides I have worked with..and my answer to it

    I work day light on the rehab floor of a LTC facility. I love the regular aides on my wing ! They are very caring towards the residents and they also bust their a** to get it all done. I help them and they help me where they can. I miss them on their day off. When they're off there is usually an agency aide which could go either way. There are some excellent workers that come from agency that give quality care and we also work together. When they actually get a chance to sit I am happy for them. They deserve it. Then there are those that that hide or go out to smoke every hour and have no problem leaving someone on a bed pan for 30 minutes. Their whole shift is a break. I dont have that too often. I've never worked as an aide but nothing is beneath me in caring for my residents. We need to be a team and I let the aides know I'm there for them. I've worked the 3-11 shift a few times and see a whole other scenario. Half of the aides are out smoking or in the dining room reading the paper or magazines or on their cell phones while call bells are ringing, dementia patients are climbing of of bed,water pitchers are empty, residents need washed up before bed,etc. A few of the lazy aides are in school for RN. How sad. Some people just dont care. I could never be that way.