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  1. jllister

    Sooo how is your staffing?

    My facility pays on-call nurses, and I have been suggesting on-call CNAs for quite some time. It would be an honor to be selected and they'd get extra money if (yeah right) they didn't get called in. I can see their accountability and responsibility increasing.
  2. jllister

    Medication errors

    Our DON made lists of everyone's errors / holes and handed them out at a staff meeting. I was disappointed to get a list, although mine was blank. When asked, the DON said she didn't want to "single anyone out" or make anyone else "feel bad" for their errors. My suggestion: Single me out! Reward those who are alert to their medications and documentation! We don't always need goodies - verbal praise is worth a lot. I also liked the previous DON's suggestion of Positive Rounds.