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  1. k_new_rn

    2006 Immigration Tracker

    Green Card approved. My I-140 and I-485 was approved the same day (7/14). I feel so blessed that it went so fast.... To all who replied in this thread thank you. Goodluck! Take care! k_new_rn :balloons: :monkeydance:
  2. See this link: http://ncsbn.org/pdfs/NCLEX_Stats_Fact_Sheet.pdf NCSBN stat says that passing rate for US grad is 82%, internationally educated 48%. You must be willing to take the risk and to work harder in studying for NCLEX bcz you will need it. Goodluck. PS I had a friend who went to private school just to finish an ADN degree. Paid off all her student loans in 1 year of working.
  3. k_new_rn

    Study in Philippines or just stay here?

    I am assuming that you are citizen/green card holder so you can go back in the US without a problem. Right? Bcz if not, this will be a whole different argument. I believe it does not really matter where you took the nursing degree. But there was this strange thing i found out when i took Kaplan review. There was a clause in the contract here in California that in order to get a 100% refund if you fail the NCLEX-RN == First, you need to complete, attended all the Kaplan sessions, Second, you must be a first time taker, and Third, u must have graduated within 6 months from a school accredited by NLN or CCNE (National League of Nursing and Commision on Collegiate Nursing Education). In other words, an accredited US school. If you graduated from the Philippines, there is no 100% refund policy. You can take the course again for 50% off though. My point is, why would Kaplan put such clause for reviewers if they don't perceive a difference in the nursing education? If one is taking the same review, graduated with the a nursing degree accepted by the BON for the NCLEX-RN, it should not affect the result, right? See this link too: http://ncsbn.org/pdfs/NCLEX_Stats_Fact_Sheet.pdf Based on the above NCSBN stat, the passing rate for US educated examinee is 82%, internationally educated is 48.5%. Please bear in mind that a lot of factors affect these data. Kaplan also points out some factors that you may want to consider: There are several reasons for the low pass rates for nurses educated in programs outside the US. Nursing educational curricula abroad are significantly different from what is provided in the US and varies greatly from country to country. NCLEX-RN® test-takers are required to utilize critical thinking skills to correctly answer application-and-analysis-level questions on the exam. This type of reasoning is not usually taught in nursing schools outside the US. The NCLEX-RN® exam mainly consists of multiple-choice questions, which are not used in most international nursing programs. Multiple-choice testing is a concern for many international nurses. Questions on the NCLEX-RN® exam reflect American values and norms. It is difficult for international nurses to recognize these cultural themes and understand how they influence decision-making and nursing care in the US. English is often a second language for international nurses and impacts how they respond to nursing questions. These are information that may be useful in your decision making. I, personally, still hold my first statement true. It really does not matter where you got the nursing degree. I strong believe it depends on the person. I have met a lot of nurses who graduated in the Philippines and are working here and I don't see any difference at all compared to ones who graduated here. If you are motivated to become a nurse, it should not matter. Goodluck. :roll
  4. k_new_rn

    2006 Immigration Tracker

    hi art! based on the information you posted you are entitled to the 90-day interim rule. the uscis website said that if i-765 is not denied or approved within 90 days you can drop by any local us ins office and obtain an interim ead. check website (under how do i apply?, 2nd paragraph): http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/howdoi/ead.htm please post if it this rule is still in effect and how it went. goodluck.
  5. k_new_rn

    2006 Immigration Tracker

    my lawyer's office told me that california is not adjucating i-140/i-485 right now and all papers are to be sent to nebraska. nebraska decides to keep the application or forward it to texas. if the receipt number starts with lin-xx-xxx-xxxx, then the papers are being processed at nebraska. mine was sent to nebraska and then to texas. my receipt number starts with src-xx. california uses wac-xx. my company is here in los angeles but the notices i received came from mesquite, tx. i also know somebody whose company is in san francisco but his papers are being processed in nebraska. we have the same receipt dates and notice dates. this was brought about by the extreme backlog in california. even some cases already processed in california are being sent to other service centers for further processing. we were advised that we will receive our eads in 60-90 days. in the event we don't receive it by then, the notice said that we should contact the customer service. the uscis webiste states this: "if uscis does not approve or deny your employment authorization document application within 90 days (within 30 days for an asylum applicant; note: asylum applicants are eligible to file for eads only after waiting 150 days from the date they filed their properly completed original asylum applications), you may request an interim employment authorization document. you must go to your local uscis office and bring with you proof of your identity and any documents that uscis has sent you about your employment authorization application. please click here for more information on uscis field offices." website: http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/howdoi/ead.htm unfortunately, the interim ead rule will not last long bcz i heard that they want to abolish this already for security purposes. goodluck.
  6. k_new_rn

    Got the Green Card today (7/3/06)

    CONGRATULATIONS! :balloons: PS... If you dont mind, what is your service center? THANKS!
  7. k_new_rn

    2006 Immigration Tracker

    :welcome: i was wondering if people can help me track the processing of papers by posting here. i was thinking to narrow it down to papers filed with 2006 receipt dates. thank you so much for your time and i hope you will support this. :loveya: my dates: service center: tsc (texas) i-140/i-485/ead/ap rd: 6/14/06 nd:6/19/2006 fp/biometrics code 3 done: 7/1/2006 ead: ? i-140: ? i-485: ? card rcvd: ? ======================================== references u.s immigration terms: 1) rd : receipt date (date when uscis received application ) 2) nd : notice date (date when uscis sent the receipt notice). 3) lud : go to https://egov.immigration.gov/cris/jsps/login.jsp , register yourself. enter all your pending cases. after login you will see your case no, last update , auto email, form , form title...... .lud tells us when the last time your file is accessed. 4) fp : finger printing 5) ad : approval date 6) nsc : nebraska service center 7) ead : employment authorization document 8) ap : advanced parole 9) i-485 : adjustment of immigration status 10) i-140 : application of immigrant visa 11) vsc : vermount service center 12) tsc : texas service center 13) csc : california service center
  8. k_new_rn

    i need help in choosing my nursing research topic

    My teacher once suggested to make a study on the accuracy of vitals signs recorded by nurses (NAs, LVNs, RNs) especially breaths per minute. In the hospital where I did my medsurg clinical, a lot of the CNAs were not doing this properly and just records whatever they feel like it. It maybe a little controversial but it is worth a try. Goodluck.