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  1. returningnurse2006

    America's Surprisingly Unhealthy Jobs

    :heartbeatWell I am currently one of the wounded. Injured my back turning a patient in January. Still suffering. Last year I was hit by a wheelchair. We should get purple hearts too.
  2. Absolutely not. I returned to work as a nurse after being away from nursing for 10 years with only 3 years experience. If I can do it you can do it.
  3. returningnurse2006

    Nurses could aid in administering timely defibrillator shocks

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Just because you're in the hospital doesn't mean you'll quickly get treated if your heart stops beating. About one-third of patients don't get a potentially live-saving shock within the recommended two minutes, a new study found. http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/conditions/01/02/cardiac.arrest.ap/index.html
  4. returningnurse2006

    My temporary Admission/discharge position is ending

    Haven't posted in awhile. I am currently working at Kaiser in a temporary position doing admission discharge and transfers in the med surg dept. The position was to be reevaluated every 90 days. Well unfortunately it is approaching the 90 day mark next month. I was told last week that my position was ending. I am able to bid on open jobs within the Kaiser system. I am really not sure if I want to go back to bedside nursing, as my experience returning to nursing after an 18 year break was kind of brutal. Although I have developed very good people skills, Great at doing admissions and patient teaching. Great computer skills. I feel my weakness is time management in regards to patient care. I had a conversation with someone who happened to be in Case Management, discharge planner and told me I should consider trying Case Management. I am very teachable but kind of worried by lack of recent experience. I have been back in the hospital for 1yr 8 months. The last 9 months I have been doing the Admissions and discharges. I do have IV skills, which are improving the more I start IV's. I really just want to be successful in the next position I choose and I don't want to jump into a position that might overwhelm me. I would appreciate any suggestions. Sorry for such a long post. Thank you.
  5. returningnurse2006

    New Position New Hospital

    I agree, that makes the most sense. Thanks
  6. returningnurse2006

    New Position New Hospital

    I got hired in a new position, as admission discharge nurse in a busy med surg dept. I had the company orientation, nsg orientation, 1 day of computer orientation. 3 8 hour orientation on the floor. Mainly shadowed the RN the first 8 hour day. I hadn't had a computer class yet. The second floor orientation I basically helped the RN I was with. Heavy patients without an aid. I hung a couple of piggy backs assisted with a discharge and readied myself for my first admit there. Unfortunately the admission was already admitted by the other admissions nurse who started a few weeks before me. We will be working opposite days. I do have experience with doing admissions and discharges from my previous employer and I really liked it. My hospital is going to complete computerized documentation the end of this month and I feel I need to be proficient on the computer in order to complete the admissions in a timely manner. I will still be orienting the next couple of weeks. 12 hour shifts 11am-11pm, I will be orienting with more than one nurse a shift. I really don't have guidelines on what i should be doing with the particular nurse. Should I just take the initiative and seek out admits and discharges on the floor. Spend time on the computer to get more comfortable with it. Sorry this is long, I am kind of stressed out about having to spend so much time learning the ropes of the floor nurse when I just need to get into the flow of doing an admission. Getting my initial assessment done, Nursing history Med reconcilliation and personal belongings. Right now this is all documented on paper. The end of the month it will all be on computer. I hope this all makes sense to someone and I am not rambling to much. Believe it or not but I am excited about this position and want to make it work for this hospital. Any suggestions on how to spend my next 12 hour shift?
  7. returningnurse2006

    Police Officer Husband and Nurse2b Wife

    I have been happily married 23 years to my police officer husband. When we were dating he just finished college and soon started police academy. I started nursing school. We married after i finished the LVN part of a career ladder program. I went to work as an LVN part time while attending school. My husband finished one year as a police officer and was off probation when we got married. So he was very secure in his job at the time we married. At the time, 23 years ago... nursing was different, I worked only an 8 hour shift 3-11pm and he was working 4-12pm.. worked out real well... had my first kid 4 years later... i became a stay at home mom... his schedule still worked out real well... and he went to 10 hour pm shifts.. had a second kid 2 years later... I am probably a minority, but i like the 8 hour shifts better.. and feel it worked out best in my situation. I don't like the fact that in nursing, mostly hospital, they make you work every other weekend... which is fine if your police officer husband doesn't work weekends, but after many years they get seniority and are able to get every weekend off. After many years of nursing most floor nurses don't earn that privilege. I returned to med-surg a year ago april after staying at home with my 2 kids. What's incredible about nursing is you can opt to raise a family ( I kept my license active) and I was able to get back into the profession. It was somewhat difficult coming back at first...but it's like riding a bicycle....
  8. returningnurse2006

    GREAT link for A&P color videos...from discovery health

    I thought the site was great.. a good one to share as a teaching tool for patients. Thank you
  9. returningnurse2006

    Need advice about Registry or Agency RN's

    Our hospital is relying heavily on travel nurses and registry nurses.. and I know we were training the travelers similar to the way you discussed. They gave her a folder but it looked like she didn't fill it out until late in the shift. So looking back she probably could have been anticipating what was going to happen later in the shift and asking questions about paperwork and routines.. well before I got there. When their hallway was slow.
  10. returningnurse2006

    Need advice about Registry or Agency RN's

    What are the expectations of Registry RN's when they come to a hospital for the first time in the med-surg setting? How do you judge a registry person as able to return? Is it too much to expect a registry person new to particular hospital to receive various new admits... post ops and transfers...unfamiliar equipment etc? (this seems like a stupid question) I really enjoy mentoring people, but what should my expectations be when assisting. I have witnessed people after a registry person asks a question.... for the person to answer "You should know this, you are an RN" Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. returningnurse2006

    Hospital group rejects system and cashes in

    http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/homepage/abox/article_1761837.php Anaheim Memorial sale blocked Dr. Prem Reddy had offered $55 million for the 224-bed hospital. BY COURTNEY PERKES The Orange County Register The state Attorney General's office announced today that hospital owner Dr. Prem Reddy will not be allowed to buy Anaheim Memorial Medical Center. State officials must approve the conversion of nonprofit hospitals to for-profit operations like those owned by Reddy, including West Anaheim Medical Center, Huntington Beach Hospital and La Palma Intercommunity. In a letter posted late today on the Attorney General's Web site, Chief Deputy James Humes said he could not conclude that the sale was consistent with public interest. Humes noted that some alternative bidders had indicated "tentative willingness to pay substantially more for Anaheim than offered by Prime (Healthcare Services)." In February, Memorial Health Services agreed to sell Reddy the hospital for $55 million. Last month, the state held a hearing on the proposed sale that drew more than 200 people. Some community members and union representatives spoke out against the sale because they feared quality would decline if the hospital was no longer nonprofit. Reddy said the state's decision has nothing to do with the quality of his operations. "I support the decision of the Attorney General and I hope they will reopen the bidding process," Reddy said. "And if they do, Prime Healthcare Services will be there to meet the challenges." 714-796-3686 or cperkes@ocregister.com
  12. returningnurse2006

    OB nurse home for 13 years, thinking of going back to hospital.

    I had been an orthopedic nurse almost 18 years out of the hospital before deciding to dive back in to med-surg. I took a refresher course at a community college. Was very helpful in getting my brain back in gear. I had the option of going through a preceptorship, but I decided against it, mainly because the hospital wasn't local to me. I was fortunate to get hired interviewing at two different hospitals. I received an 8 week orientation with a preceptor. Med-surg was alot different now than when I left. Pt's sicker. More paperwork, We didn't even do pulse 02 back then..12 hour shifts...I personally had a hard time adjusting in the beginning... after 8 weeks I wanted to quit. I was encouraged to stick it out... that my feelings were normal and it takes a few years for a new grad to adjust.. and basically that's what it was.... again... well I made it to 9 months, doing a bit better but not really liking it...I was offered a new position that they were experimenting with..6 hour shift 5 days a week. as an admission nurse. This has been a blessing to me. I really like it.. I am able to help the other nurses on the floor. My stress level went way down... My health got better. I think OB probably hasn't changed as much as med-surg... alot less variety, but I am sure none the less challenging in it's own way. If you loved it before, you will love it again. I have to admit.. I hated med surg when I left... and I swore I would never do it again... oh well.. I am actually liking what I do now. Sometimes it's just finding the right fit. Best wishes on your decision.:spin: (sorry for the lengthy post)
  13. returningnurse2006

    admission nurse in med surg

    Thank you again for your reply. It sounds as though your hospital is computerized which probably helps speed things up a bit. I don't know how swamped your floor nurses are, it seems as though our hospital is clammoring for open beds as soon as a pt is discharged. ED and OR are looking for bed placements. The turn around time on the floor for pts is very fast. So taking away the initial assessment from the primary nurse helps alot in the documentation time for them. Alot of the time they are with me during the assessment so they can see what's going on and they don't have to double my work. They make an initial note if they see the pt before me, and once I am done or before... I tell them anything pertinent.
  14. returningnurse2006

    admission nurse in med surg

    Thank you for your information. How much paperwork does the actual admit/discharge nurse do at your hospital?.... I have been responsible for Nursing history, Nursing flow sheet, Care plan and initial pt teaching. Med Reconcilitation. I let the primary nurse handle med issues, Doctor issues, unless she happens to be on break... and pt needs pain med at the time..I also make an initial nurses note when I receive pt... am I doing too much... I than report any pertinent finding to primary nurse when I am done. When I am limited on time... as in close to my clocking out... I just do pt history, and med reconcilliation and handover assessment to primary nurse or oncoming shift..I don't have much time for discharges.. too busy with admissions in a 6 hour shift. I can really use more nurses input on this. Thank you for your reply.
  15. returningnurse2006

    admission nurse in med surg

    I need some advice. I have been the admission nurse for almost 3 months. It was a newly developed position. Mainly my duties are to do the admission assessment, nursing hx, care plan, flow sheet. On a real good day I can get 5 admissions done... lately I have been able to only get 3-4 admissions completed. I come in at 12pm and leave at 6pm. I am hoping someone reading this forum can give me some suggestions complete admissions in more timely manner. Post op pts seem to be the easiest to admit...unless they are having alot of pain...but most of their hx info is already in the chart when they arrive to the floor. The longest admits are usually pts with multiple wounds that need to be measured and photographed and printed. Pts with multiple issues that have alot of info to talk about. I am the only admission nurse that covers approx 90 beds....The staff is very positive about what I do, but I feel bad because I can't help everyone. When I am not busy I help with discharges...blood draws if needed...so far not too many IV starts...chart audits.. I am looking for suggestions on how I should prioritize admissions.... I tend to stay in the halls that have been bombarded with admits.. Thank you for your assist :)
  16. returningnurse2006

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    pt fever 101 first thing..2 patients addicted to pain meds another pt with CBI and foley leaking...pt with 101 fever gave tylenol as ordered. Checked BP before giving meds to pt who had fever... BP 82/45...Raised legs of the bed.. Called doctors, started NS bolus by 1130 sent to ICU.Medicated addicted pts..and found out my 3 of my pts needed blood transfusions. More than 50 words. My day fell apart..only was able to start one blood transfusion.. and 1.5 hours overtime charting...missed some meds...ugh bad day someone took my stethoscope i had set down and i stepped in gum.(this was a 12 hour shift)