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  1. rolazer

    Need advise to fellow pinay pls!

    i dont believe it cost 60 pesos to eat in turo turo. i am just recently graduated in OLFU-QC too and there's a place there where we used to eat our lunch and our budget was only 35 per meal and on our snack 20 peso is enough.
  2. i been to the prc yesterday. u can verify your ratings there at windows 16-18 its FREE. you will get your rating that day tooo.... dont forget to ask for oath taking form at the wooden desk at the lobby. and check ur sked for registration its in an alphabetical order.
  3. acmonge, relax man.... i know u made it! congrats. Ikaw pa!
  4. God speed to all of us June 2006 NLE takers! any news when the result be published? it took ages to wait for it. and those believed in leakages, guys let's see the result first. ok!?!