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    Hospital speaks out against MNA Bill

    Florida's attempt to weasel out of adequate, note I did not say safe, ns/pt ratio staffing has been to train a new breed of technician. These folks receive somewhere between 6 to 8 wks tng then they are assigned to a floor. I believe a high school diploma is required. They work "under the Registered Nurse's 'license' (please translate to LIABILITY!)" The hospital tries to sell this as additional hands and minds to help the RN provide care. HA!!!!!!! It is the same principle of the Anesthesiologist supervising numerous CNA's but the RN doesn't get the "pimp" benefit. You know, one anesthesiologist takes a significant cut from his CNA's work when he/she might have spent anywhere from 3 mins to 30, if breaking for a meal. I heartily agree with the post that said hospitals opposing Mass's bill are actually opposing patient safety, longevity and providing "premium"(the hopital's expressed 'concern' patient care. The Mass. bill is now included in my prayers. Barb Ling